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NHL Playoffs and prizes

What a shame that it took the NHL so long to guarantee every game on American TV. I catch a lot less than I wish to, but when I get a chance to watch one of the current greats play. Ryan Callahan is the best complete player in the game today. He doesn’t have the tremendous upside in scoring Sidney Crosby or Alex Ovechkin have, but he is upper crust in every area. Props to Sid for his continual growth defensively but it is more positional than tenacious like Callahan.

If I were building a team right now and had to rank my first forward taken out of the current NHL talent pool I would have Callahan and John Tavares alternating as my number one and two picks. If it were in the venue of NHL ’13 it would be¬† Taylor Hall.

I never would’ve believed it two years ago, but Patrick Kane is a finalist for the Lady Byng. 47 games Avg ice time 20 minutes 8 minutes in the box. I am impressed with his growth. That Chicago team is very nicely built. How I wish the Bowman family had that magic touch going during Scotty’s time in Buffalo. I hope he wins the award.

Raffi Torres. The type of game Raffi plays on the wrong side of the edge. It is one thing to play a physical game, but the goon has no place on the roster of an NHL team any longer. Torres plays the game with no respect¬† for his opponent’s safety. He is banned from the remainder of the Western Conference semifinals for his hit to the head of Jarrett Stoll.

Let’s go Rangers

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