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Still INFJ… eh?

Time to revisit this test and see what it says this time.  In the interests of being able make it as scientific as possible I am using the test. I will also be documenting the numbers involved with each letter. I guess I will be learning their bearing as I go, though I am pretty certain they relate to the strength of that trait.

Here goes…

INFP.  Interesting. This is the first time in taking the test (about 10 times) that I have ever scored anything other than INFJ.  I guess my want to alter my outlook is setting in… or I finally took the test in a more relaxed state. Who, knows.  I know this the score broken down- I – 56

N – 50

F – 25

P – 11


I guess at the root of it I am still the “same” as I was all those other times, however I now perceive more than I judge. So it goes.


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Playing on Black Ice


I grew up in a sports family. My first Sabres game at the Aud was a playoff game versus the Vancouver Canucks. It was a great time and I enjoyed many moments in that Old Building that I will always cherish- watching Pat LaFontaine and Alexander Mogilny tear it up in person in 1992-93 was a joy. Sports were often a window to time with  my Dad.  It was always shared, though I didn’t mind.  It was all I knew after all and my Dad always worked hard and often. It is one of the many wonderful traits he passed down to me, including my ever popular (and often not so popular) sarcasm.

It was not jarringly hard, nor very sad to turn in my Sabre fan card when Terry Pegula’s name came up as the next owner of the Sabres, at least not after a quick Google search. I had read (though not as much as I have by now) about fracking, our great American future in energy.  It was appalling. Add into the mix that my twin brother and his family live in an area where fracking was and still is a very real threat.  The economic impact for the community at large is overinflated and the disastrous environmental impact is hazardous. How hazardous, well they just won’t tell you.  They like to keep their poison proprietary ya see?

Does he still have an interest in fracking though?  From everything I have read, no.  But really, does that change where the money came from? The fact that he is a “Founding Father” of the modern American Frack?  Is my entertainment that much more important than the mass destruction of clean water and arid land?  I would imagine it was like the moment where vegetarians decide to eschew meat for ethical reasons, a secular epiphany. I do my best (mostly) to stay out of verbal confrontations with Sabre fans. It is not worth either of our time, that is unless I am berated for putting principle over Perreault. Then it can get a bit heated and that sarcasm becoming increasingly unpopular for them and a like a coveted sharpened sabre for me. Thanks Dad!

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On social problems

Being inside the belly of Social Services has granted me an inside view of what some people appear willing to do to work the system.  It grates me more now than it did when I started working for a local government agency, but at the end of the day I believe there are more people being helped that could not help themselves than are actually working the system.

The volume of anecdotes of the worst offenders often devolves into a silhouette of the average person on assistance. being.  Like most issues in our culture since TV bedazzled us iconic images drive many issues, while not always coming close to telling the whole story.

Well before I found out about the 2% in Social Security I developed serious concerns on the health of the Social Security program. Not only are record people coming up for it every day (10,000 people qualify a day every day for 19 more years)  but the fund was raided to sponsor post 9/11 wars and there are also large numbers of people ending up on the Disability rolls.

This is all compounded with the design being outrun by true statistics.  In 1976 when adjustments collection to maintain the system were made the data was much different. The average life expectancy in 1976 for males was 69.1 and 76.6 for females.  In 2012 the life span average for people in the US was 75.71 for males and 81.73 for females. With the leaps in medicine since then it stands to reason that people who received increasingly better medical care (diagnostics alone have had a mind blowing leap since 1976) will live to an older age.

I would rant about it. Wondering if it was going to be addressed at all before it was bursting at the seams. I even pissed off one of my very good friends with my point of view and he is hard to shake. I felt and still feel people receiving SSD or SSI (mainly to help in the process of breaking drug addiction) should be evaluated more regularly than they are now. You don’t want to break someone’s recovery, but you also don’t want to purchase people’s sobriety, you want to empower them to change for the better of themselves and society. I don’t know how to go about starting such a process, but something should be done to address this.  The fact that there are attorneys who make their practice off this field alone speaks as much to the  problem as anything.

Of course I don’t want to just nibble at the neediest to end of the issue. While the upper crust of society doesn’t always pay in (nor do they receive the benefit) if they truly admire and love what this country is (was?) about they would do more by either investing in the system or creating jobs with solid pay and good benefits.  If most of the job creation of the last decade is in the service industry, which typically pays poorly with little to no benefits, while the good paying jobs continued to ebb further  into a  chasm in funding that erodes any chance of keeping up with increased demand.

So while I don’t want to see money coming out of my check in this economy I see the sense in it. I don’t think it does much of anything to shore up the health of the program for me, but I see the merits of propping it up now.  I become baffled when I hear people who this will benefit grousing about it more than people of my generation. Greed and the wholly self interested brackish lake it breeds in has infected popular culture to the point that greedy people are not Han Solo, quasi anti hero, but they are Darth Vader.  It can choke you out like Vader too, if you get caught up in it.

I know I have a shit sandwich to eat down the road. The least the generation handing this sordid sandwich on down can do is take a few bites before passing the plate like the most unwanted baton in history- take some huge bites out of that bad boy, no not a nibble, get in there with that thar pig.




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Da Bills

I awoke Sunday morning to the news that Doug Marrone was the new coach of my Buffalo Bills.  I was not overjoyed at first. Nor at second. Cross out third. I wanted Lovie Smith.  I feel like he has a lot of Marv Levy qualities to him, though no clone.  His defenses were always top 3 in the league for scoring and they played solid for the most part.  We have a lot of tools but no blueprint for them to excel in.  It seemed a good fit to me. Plus Jairus Byrd’s Dad was on Lovie’s staff as a Defensive Backs Coach- a selling point.

But after thinking about it (and getting hammered by my brothers via e-mail) I warmed to the idea.  While Marrone did not call plays in his time in New Orleans as Offensive Coordinator he still helped develop that nasty offense lead by Drew Brees…. Yeah another concern- we don’t have anyone remotely as talented as Drew Brees.  Still, the man shored up Syracuse from laughing stock to bowl winner.  In 2010 he had 5 road wins- tied with Boise State and Oregon. I also like that he plans to have his coordinators call the plays.  I am sure he will have plenty of say in the flow of the game, but I like his confidence.

I have read all the headlines regarding the hire. People in the industry are gushing over the signing.  Despite my initial reservations I want nothing but success for the Bills.  Doug Marrone wants to be here. He beat out Lovie Smith and Ken Whisenhunt for the position. I have watched too many games over the last decade and a half where the team didn’t seem to be giving their all and the certainly were on different pages of a very large book.

The Doug Marrone era has a buzz about it. Perhaps I was looking at it all wrong, always wanting someone like Marv as the next Bills coach (incidently no matter what you or I may believe were Chan Gailey’s deficiencies as head coach one thing was for sure- the players loved and respected him, a Marvish trait) and get someone who can push Marv from my personal and not often  never challenged pedestal as favorite Bills coach.

Welcome to town Doug Marrone.  I look forward to watching you build our next and greatest dynasty.



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Mr. Behind the times enters the Twitterverse

Not quite wanting to be 7 years behind the trend (OK really just looking into things that I have previously brushed off without giving a fair shot) I decided to sign up for a Twitter account.  I am curious about how it is used, rather if I can find an large enough amount of people who are sharing insightful things to follow and not a steady stream of advertising.

I think I am ahead of the curve, to a degree.  Number one, many of the things I like place me outside target demographics. Sure, there are some hip 38 year olds out there that keep up on changing fashion, music and artistic scene.  I know of at least one Jon Kot who is not amongst that crowd.

I have an eclectic group of people on follow at this point- a few family members, some friends, favorite musicians, tv personalities, a few political commentators.  I may end up trying on some from vastly divergent view points, but that can be taxing, I don’t want Twitter to be taxing…

I have yet to compose tweet one.  While I am sure it will push the 140 character limit. Apparently there are two people I don’t even know who are waiting with baited breath for tweet one of @KotJon.  I don’t know how the word got out I had entered Twitter. I have no clue who these two people are.

Already though I can see a trend that will lead to a removal from the reading list-

@jaymohr37- retweet machine today.  I didn’t find most of them funny. I can see the value of a retweet, but this was excessive.  I find him extremely funny most of the time, but the Slam Man is on the early exit watch list. Perhaps I should follow Tracy Morgan too.  Jay does an impeccable Tracy Morgan impression. I could maybe get a 2x Tracy tweet going. Maybe retweeting is  common on Twitter. If that is the case this may be a short experiment.


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