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Bouncing ‘Round the Tree

2015 has started cold in the city of Buffalo and it also continues to plague my creativity, well at least much of the expression of it. Tumble, tumble, tumble like laundry around my cranium.

I do have a number of things afoot, including a potential collaboration with a co-worker that came out of casual conversation.

I also have been getting great ideas at inopportune times. The shower, my muse. Traffic jams on the way to work, Hemingway level shit.

I have been getting the general ideas down, but it is not as magical as that moment. I am working on fleshing out the scraps, working them, manipulating and shaping. I need more time.

So it goes.

Quality family time is always the first objective. I need to guage whether or not I get to the point in story crafting where the moment gets sacrificed for a better future. I need to present that hard choice to myself, though. There is always a rub.

So, slow start to the year. No different than most. I am hoping to make it an exception, accompanied by endless, wonderful new experiences.

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2015- the quest for strings of cogent thought

No large aspirations, no, I’ll keep it small. Not small Steve Martin style, nor small in stature or substance, rather small as in controllable, doable, achievable.

So I set forth on the same mission as ever, with more purpose, a belief that I can make happen whatever I may dream and a resolve to make the possible into probable.

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