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With your past and your future precisely divided

Two Oldies

I think what I really enjoyed about college (the run at college that ended in a degree) was that I was vested in being creative while attending. Perhaps it was due to asking if people wanted oil and mayonnaise for a living at that time, but I really was into the experience.

While at ECC City I had a teacher named Bill.  Now Bill was an excellent teacher and in many ways a better mentor. I used to get pissed when Bill would harshly rip apart some of my work, but in hindsight (oh that hindsight it gets ya every time dontcha know?) I should have been grateful for it and acted very Kevin Bacon in Animal House, thank you sir I will have another.

I took a few classes with Bill and two of them were creative writing ones. If you have never indulged in the experience, I highly recommend it.  I get my introvert groove on in these scenarios too, but it was worth doing.

Our class did a story called Blue… damn, I can’t remember what the second part of the title was, how about that?  Anyway (in my best CAL tone), we did a class story where everyone did a page to a page and a half portion. I was either second or third in a story about a boy and a girl falling for each other and deciding to take a busfrom Buffalo to Cleveland… at least that is where the story was left at my feet.

I had them arrive in Cleveland on the weekend of a Rock n Roll Hall of Fame ceremony.  I packed the bus station with people dressed up for the look a like contest. I had Jim Morrison acting like Chief Mojo Risin (hitting on the protagonist who was female due to our 8-2 class ratio).  Jerry tried to break it up. I received kudos for adding details like mention of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  It was a lot of fun and if I recall correctly some people took the story in some Skinimax direction.  It was fun though.

Here are two of the poems I wrote during this time period.  One was about being at Disney World on a family vacation with a fever and the other was about breaking out of a shell of sorts.  The second poem- Stepping Stone No More features some of my strongest and weakest writing rolled up into one poem. How about that?  Anyway, enjoy.


Disney at 102 Degrees

Family vacation

in Walter’s Wonderful Kingdom

unable to hold down dry toast

trembling with convulsions

Mikey’s Tiki Hut holding

no answers to my pain

The Magic Kingdom

at 102 degrees


Hallucinatory heat

makes my head throb

my sister and mother

trying to soothe my sickness

with Mickey Mouse ice cream

the melodic music of a Small World

brings the bile bursting

from below

Three days later

my fever subsided

meandering near the

sterling silver globe at Epcot

a bird shits on my shoulder


Stepping Stone No More

By nature and nurture

I am a loving, giving soul

Jonathan- God’s gift

Quiet and brooding

a gentle giant

in a world that exacts

its toll on those not bold and brash

all good deeds done considered cold ash

But Listen!

I’m tired of the facades

laid before me

I’m tearing through

I’m going old school

Old Testament- I’m Jonathan Michael

God’s Gift and his avenging angel



And now for our regularly scheduled Phish.


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Locked In

Well Locked Out was written one day Summer 2011 down at the Erie Canal Park in downtown Buffalo. I was trying to get out of the office for lunch (something I will need to get reacquainted with this summer) and I would either read- the usual choice- or write.

I did actually see a condom hanging from a branch and an apple was shared with seagulls.  About a week later I wrote Locked In.

Locked In

Water rising, condom to sea

washed ironically away

like so much decency.

Post Modern Flotsam

tinged Reece’s orange

procession of packaging

Made in China & Mexico

masquerading – our history hijacked.

Indelible impressions

Industry inclined

iteration idolizing ID

Immortality & Immorality

intertwined, impaled

identity imbrued, not imbued

by the I-phone

Hi my name is Mr. Self righteous. Here are my side kicks sanctimony and Oliver Obtuse.  I like certain things here, but overall it is… just not too good.

Now for our moment of Phish-

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Old work

Old writing. Boy do I like to hang my hat on it. Millions of other ideas crash to and fro in my grey matter. Do I give them a fair shot to move out of that quasi ether and onto some medium to perhaps  be sorted out later. No, what sense would that make.

Anyway (as my friend Charles is want to say), I will put some of my old favorites here. Hopefully they will satisfy me hanging in this digital media half as much as Han in carbonite pleased Old Jabba the Hutt.

Here is a poem I wrote last summer. One of my friends, well a few thought it was rather depressing or negative at first. I guess it depends on how you tilt the picture.


Locked Out

Reconstituted History

Falling waters to the lock

Seagulls sharing apples

with me, searching for that spark

New mixed with old

debris pooled & swirling

at the base, debased

a condom dangles from a limb

as used & polluted as

most peoples direction

Drained as that former

erection, selection

as unnatural as

the inflection

that whines for me

over we.



I think of it as more of an indictment than a negative or depressing piece, but I can see how it could come across that way. It is really just classic sanctimonious and slightly obtuse Jon.  But I do like some of the lines.

Now, for our Phishy phinish.


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