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Twitter fun

I wasn’t convinced that Twitter was going to be fun. In the end I joined because @DougBenson was very active on it and I immensely enjoy his podcast, Doug Loves Movies. Funny guy, funny guests and usually an out loud laugh or two from me. Doug was my first follow. I built and whittled my list of who I followed over time. I enjoyed Russell Simmons points of view, but too many retweets from his commercial enterprise drove me away. I may sign up again because I agree with him on so many principles, I just don’t care to know about Kanye and Kim.

@JohnFugelsang is as witty and intelligent as any commentator I follow. I don’t always agree with him, but I always come away with something, even if only a chuckle. I gravitate to people who at least entertain while selling. Comedians like to test out bits, turning the media into a quasi art form. @PattonOswalt excels here.

Today I took a book out of the library. Someone had underlined ‘probably the’. I have yet to find a useful nugget of information from what other people underline in librarybooks, but this was a new low.

My tweet- It’s amazing what people _ in library books’probably the’?Of course it beats the goulash/bloodstains once seen in a Spencer novel#nasty.

It got a retweet from my number one fan and some woman in Iowa. How she came across it I’ll never know.

The Spencer novel was nasty. Either someone was eating goulash with their hands while reading or was reading while bleeding. Either is nasty, hash tag or not.

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Mr. Behind the times enters the Twitterverse

Not quite wanting to be 7 years behind the trend (OK really just looking into things that I have previously brushed off without giving a fair shot) I decided to sign up for a Twitter account.  I am curious about how it is used, rather if I can find an large enough amount of people who are sharing insightful things to follow and not a steady stream of advertising.

I think I am ahead of the curve, to a degree.  Number one, many of the things I like place me outside target demographics. Sure, there are some hip 38 year olds out there that keep up on changing fashion, music and artistic scene.  I know of at least one Jon Kot who is not amongst that crowd.

I have an eclectic group of people on follow at this point- a few family members, some friends, favorite musicians, tv personalities, a few political commentators.  I may end up trying on some from vastly divergent view points, but that can be taxing, I don’t want Twitter to be taxing…

I have yet to compose tweet one.  While I am sure it will push the 140 character limit. Apparently there are two people I don’t even know who are waiting with baited breath for tweet one of @KotJon.  I don’t know how the word got out I had entered Twitter. I have no clue who these two people are.

Already though I can see a trend that will lead to a removal from the reading list-

@jaymohr37- retweet machine today.  I didn’t find most of them funny. I can see the value of a retweet, but this was excessive.  I find him extremely funny most of the time, but the Slam Man is on the early exit watch list. Perhaps I should follow Tracy Morgan too.  Jay does an impeccable Tracy Morgan impression. I could maybe get a 2x Tracy tweet going. Maybe retweeting is  common on Twitter. If that is the case this may be a short experiment.


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Padres baseball, focusing and fun with board games

I anticipated watching most of the Padres games during this free week of MLB TV brought to you via iJon.  That has worked about as well as many other prognostications and I have caught zero innings so far.  There is far too much going on to dedicate that sort of time to a sports team, save the coming Bills season.

Tonight though I plan to watch the game versus the Astros from the first pitch to the last… or at least as long as Edinson Volquez is on the mound.  He is one of the working pieces of Padre talent sell offs of the last few years and I have listened to a few of his starts this season.  I want to see what the guy has.  Hopefully the offense will produce too.

Trying to focus in a subject for a blog entry has been trying of late.  I have had plenty to gripe about and could probably continue on that streak but not only must it be boring to read but it is not very cathartic. There are enough no win situations in life without adding an unnecessary one via blog post.

I think many families have thrown the board game the way of the pager.  Not in my house.  Trouble, Sorry and a myriad of other lesser time tested games get a work out here.  It has been interesting teaching my daughter to lose gracefully. We have come a long way in the last week.  She doesn’t respond well to yelling (I am not sure most kids do, Boy will help form my opinion of that further) and I learned early on how she learned best.  She has finally made her way to not breaking down after a close loss. Baby steps.
I am working on a Windows movie of picture of my daughter to one of my favorite Brent Mydland songs and perhaps even one of my favorite Dead tunes… if the list is at least twenty deep.  I am not sure I will post the video here, but this is the song.  Beautiful. Rest in Peace Brent. For the non-free form jam people 1:05 starts the “actual” song.

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10 (OK 9) days of Padre Baseball

The iJon will be getting extra late night usage over the next nine days.  MLB has a free trial of their package and I have been having many insomnia laden nights/mornings of late. Of course, they are pretty terrible still, but it is nice to have on as background to cleaning up, doing a little writing, heck even if I am watching something on the boob tube.

I have found myself using less applications on my iPhone but using the ones I enjoy more effectively. For instance this afternoon I was able to get my bitch fest off of my chest during lunch.  I saw it for what it was, absurdity and moved on with my day.  I have been using the WordPress application for simple tasks such as posting.  I need to work out some of the advanced features.

The MLB App is getting used.  IT has already been worth the money.  I have listened to about 10-15 Padre games and as I said above now I get to watch the mediocrity that is Padres baseball in 3.5″ screen glory.

Pandora doesn’t get too much use because I need to be in range of Wi-Fi.  I have a minimal data plan and streaming launches me to the limit in the course of half a day at best.

While hunkering down in my daughter’s room on these hot summer nights (drought here and abnormally hot so my wife and I have taken refuge in our daughter’s room as we put the air conditioning in the kids rooms) I have been watching some movies and shows on HBO Go. Again a limited use application for me as Wi-Fi is needed.

I have cleansed my phone of most other apps.  I need room for music and pod casts. I use my phone often, but mostly in ways I used an iPod before acquiring it.  My favorite feature remains the camera.  I have so many more photos (same percentage of good ones though, I stink at it) of my family and what we do it is worth it for that alone.

Here is hoping to a break in the insomnia!


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Examples of why I am trying to remove the “news” from my life

Long ago network news and print media moved from matters of importance to the world at large, the United States, your state, you know right on down the line to a style that is more  The Insider and Entertainment Tonight infused  “news”.  I suspect ratings play as much a part as anything, which is a shameful commentary on what we hold dear in this country.

This was very apparent last week when it was “breaking news” at the top of MSN that Ann Curry was leaving the Today Show.  I like Ann Curry.  I picked up on her empathy that has been bandied about as a liability and possible reason for sagging ratings.  If having too much empathy is viewed as a negative we are further gone than I had ever imagined.  I know news people are supposed to have a professional air about them but see the previous paragraph and realize that was destroyed in other more painful ways.

Where was I? Oh yeah, it is not worthy of breaking news.  Just as top story on USA Today’s web feed entitled “Heart attack” sandwich can stay on N.Y. menu is not newsworthy.  It seems the owners of The Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas felt the 2,570 miles distance between the restaurants was not enough and they sought action in Federal Court to make The Second Avenue Deli in New York City cease and desist the usage of the name “instant heart attack”.  It is a sandwich that consists of sliced pastrami and friend potato latkes. It costs $24.95.

Federal court time was used on this matter. There is a disgusting amount of federal funds being used to fight over food that is not only bad for you, it mocks how bad it is for you.  The Heart Attack Grill has had at least two episodes in the last year where a patron has experienced chest pains.

This story rates in America right now, wedged between and article on a tragic shooting and a sexually charged e-mail scandal involving a school official and a member of the Army.

I once marveled that USAToday was a nice free news app for my phone.  Now I marvel that it took me so long to get rid of it.

On a positive iJon note my Padres have tied the game and I have listened to more games lately.  They are out of the basement in the NL West… as I type this they just went down 5-3 on a homerun to centerfield.  Two strike mistake by the pitcher Clayton Richard.  Ouch. Easy come, easy go in San Diego.

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Why do people hate love?

As I slouched over a cup of coffee this morning I started reading The USA Today on my iPhone. It has not been a first choice paper for me since my teenage years when I would try to beat my brothers to the sports page.  They had the best statistics in that paper, especially their football breakdown.  News wise, eh, I am sure they are not much worse than the rest, but when everything is so slanted one teeter the wrong way and any credibility goes tottering with me.

There was a story about the one year Anniversary of Gay Marriage being legalized in New York State.  Apparently there are some Conservative groups that are working hard to repeal the law.  They claim sessions leading up to the passing of the bill were inappropriately held in private. They claim the matter should be put to a vote as a proposition for the voters of New York to decide.

I could go on my own diatribe on why I believe this law is just and right, how I had friends who were gay but perhaps I will just share an anecdote of when I fully understood that love was always love no matter who it was between.

I worked at a local sub shop for many years. My last semester of college- fall 2003- I decided to take the semester off from working the overnight shift 4-5 night a week to just doing 4 classes.  The thought was I could get more done in those classes and just get a nice break from my crazy schedule.

The last night I worked was a Wednesday.  It was around 2-3 AM and I was working with Josh, Tony and another person whose name I don’t remember.  Josh and I were smoking cigarettes near the back swinging door of the establishment, talking when we heard Tony start yelling.

We came through the doors and Tony was struggling with a man who was trying to take the cash register.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but the man had raked Tony across the ribs with a knife already.

As they struggled Josh and I made our way through the side door to the dining room, hoping to stop the guy with the register.  Depending on your point of view it is either good or a pity that both Josh and I were not much for fighting- we moved right past the Louisville Slugger that was kept near the door.

Josh and I made it through the door as the man won the wrestling contest with Tony. He headed for the door.  Tony jumped the counter in front of Josh and I.  Two good Samaritans tackled the guy as he went out the front door.  One was sliced in the neck for his effort. The man dropped the money drawer when he was tackled.

Tony jumped on the guys back- the guy stabbed Tony in the hip/buttock.  Tony fell off.  I took a step forward, but feinted back when either good sense or recognition of having no weapon of my own took over. He ran after swiping the knife in my direction a couple times.

I went to the hospital with Tony.  We called his girlfriend.  I waited with Tony until Erin showed up.  I exited the room where they were keeping Tony taking one last glance over my shoulder.  Erin was holding his hand,gently stroking the backside of it.

Erin, or Aaron or whatever his original name may be is transgendered.  We had all made jokes about it before at work, though I didn’t often take part.  On one of the few occasions I did- the term he/she was used- Erin was at the counter, having just walked in while my back was turned.. I deserved every bit of shame I felt at that moment.

Seeing them looking at each other as Tony lay there being prepped for stitches- thankfully all the injuries were minor, the good Samaritan was fine as well, though extremely lucky the swipe with the knife missed his artery and vein- I knew that whatever preconceived notions I had about what love was or wasn’t needed some tuning.

Fight some other fight oh bastions of Conservative agenda. Let love be love.




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iJon update

As my iPhone has become more integrated with daily life I have found myself looking for less new functions and streamlining usage of most others.

The only app I have added recently is The Weather Channel app.  I am not sold on it yet.  It is free, so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much, however it lags like I am trying to online game over a 56k connection.  It hangs up like the internet when AOL was king.   It has some features that the default weather app doesn’t- a more extensive forecast and assorted other features I have never considered using- Social and Video.

I am still Streaking for the Cash.  I had a few good runs for the month, but when I got to 8 wins instead of adopting a “one solid play a day wins” approach I was picking a match up every time one was available.  It is a fun exercise, but even with access available 24/7 I can’t imagine how people pick enough games to compete for most wins in a month.  I had 54 for May.  The winner had 118. Perhaps June is my month…

All the games bore me.  I have Angry Birds, but that is for my daughter. She loves the game.  I downloaded a few free ones, but none of them hold my interest, which I am actually grateful for.  I have enough “Oh look, shiny” moments without adding more glowing objects distracting me.

I enjoy the USA Today app… mostly because it was the only free total access newspaper app I have found to this point. I already spend enough money and while I won’t bootleg codes to get access to other sites I will gladly consume what free news media I can get on my phone.  I just wish I could filter it to the areas I regularly read.

The greatest boon remains the camera.  While I am still poor at taking good shots (and admittedly the camera itself has short comings on the iPhone3) it still beats the extra purchase of a new digital camera at the moment.  I get many candid shots and lose an equal amount due to my aforementioned ineptitude in photography.

It serves as an ever present iPod at work- save when I am conducting interviews. It really earns its keep there. Between music and pod casts I have plenty of ways to enhance the sometimes repetitive grind that is office work.


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