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This is a Farmhouse :P

I think this exact thing happened to me

Just last year.

Yes, last year I attempted to get my writing going with some blogging. It lasted about 3.7 posts. I am not sure if it was subject matter (I was attempting to start “Conversations” about political and social issues) or just my usual malaise that stopped the exercise before it started, but I decided to start again.

Hopefully I can craft some prose that reflects my thoughts and feelings clearly. In the past I had a 50% hit rate on that. Apparently I am often obtuse. It is almost as if I am speaking one language and my counterpart another.  So this is an exercise in more effective communication as much as anything.

The title of the blog?  It is my favorite Phish song- it also happens to be my daughter’s favorite. She always says “Dad, it is our favorite song”. I am happy to share it with her, though I am always amused by the statement.

Hopefully I will not only amuse myself, but you random reader as well. I plan on putting an imbedded video of my favorite Phish songs at the end of each post. It has a few purposes-

1. I love sharing Phish with people. They are not for everyone but you should give them more than 1 song or even 10. They have many styles they work in and I am positive I can find at least one or two songs you would enjoy.

2. I can use the Phish count as a barometer of how the writing is going. Am I running out of songs?  Wow, I must be writing a lot. We shall see if choices become difficult, but please listen away.

3. People can use smilies and mood status lines to indicate their overall feelings at a point in time- I will use Phish songs.  I have to kick this off with my favorite, er, my daughter’s favorite.


Be well.

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