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Season 1 as a fan of the Winnipeg Jets

It was a difficult first season as a Jets fan. I was not able to watch too many of their games. They are a small market Western Canadian team that plays in the Eastern Conference of the NHL… Yeah, I know. The worst part is they are stuck in the East for at least one more season. The NHLPA stood in the way of a realignment proposal earlier this year and it leaves my Jets in a tough spot.

While you can blame poor play as much as the schedule consider this- they played three games against each team in their division home and away.  The home part may seem simple, but being in the Eastern Conference means an immense amount of travel for the team.

For instance they hosted the Carolina Hurricanes on March 18th.  Their names 3 games that occured in a five night period were @ Pittsburgh, @ Washington and @ Nashville. They then head home to Manitoba for 2 games in 3 nights vs Ottawa and the Rangers.  It is followed one day later by back to back games @Carolina and @ Tampa Bay.

All NHL teams deal with an intense travel schedule and attrition at the end of the season has most teams having many nights where they are off their game.  I would suggest no team has it harder than Winnipeg.

I was tempted to get NHL Center Ice for the last 2 months of the season and playoffs. The NHL wanted $80 for that honor. Get with it NHL. Niche sport- make it more affordable.  I am looking into purchasing the radio package for next season. If it is like the Baseball one it will cost me $14.99 for the season. The budget would dictate that choice over the TV or internet options.  The figurative belt needs to be reigned in. I have 3 MSG channels and I wasn’t able to view the Rangers/Jets game on Wednesday night. Never has pay TV felt more empty to me.

It was nice to see the Jets come back for a win last night in Carolina, rather it was nice to follow the results via the internet.  They still have the drive even though they are eliminated from playoff contention. They have some good talent. It will be interesting to see if True North (the owner of the club) spends money for more talent in the off season.

Go Jets! (not New York)

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The Shoe Lift

I usually watch TV after it has been recorded. This way I get to skip over all commercial content. Many people watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. I do not reside in this camp.

I may have to start watch commercials at a fast forward speed though. I would normally have missed this gem. The Shoe Lift. Sadly (or is it thankfully?) I could not find the exact commercial on YouTube. What I did find on YouTube is that there are plenty of people selling this or similar products.

Some of these products promise up to six inches in lift.  It is alluded that it will help you pick up women.  Here is the scene- you have broken in your newly acquired insoles of courage and now you stand at six inches taller at 5’10”. You feel good and the brunette across the bar is checking you out.

During the course of conversation you hit it off. You go back to her house. She tells you to take your shoes off. You break out in a cold sweat.

The whole idea of these inserts in preposterous. Sure women wear high heels, but they typically don’t have them camouflaged. The same can’t be said for artificial shoulders, but let’s stay on topic.

To me it highlights our increasing shallow and superficial nature. What a decline it is turning into. I believe I saw the end of an commercial for a male girdle the other day as well.  The tone of the commercial was that this girdle solve your weight issue. I believe it comes with a porcelain miniature of the Signature Span of the Peace Bridge and a case of Crystal Pepsi.

The whole #tag, mob mentality, thin understanding and  empty reactionary wave our culture is riding is pretty dangerous. There should always be room for the distractions that round out life but the distractions are dominating consciousness more than items of substance.

Damn, I ended up on the soapbox again. It is as if I can conjure them. *Steps down*


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iJon update

Some apps I have tried the past week:

– WordPress:  I’m not sure I would ever use it to write a blog but it is fine for reading. One problem is that it doesn’t imbed the Youtube videos like a PC does. It could leave a few of my posts lacking as they are heavy on linked content.

-eBay:  I am trying to get back into posting some items on eBay. This app will help me track my progress during the course of a day. I can see it being extremely useful if I have an auction ending at work I can bring the item with me and mail it that day.  We will see if I can find more time to post items.

-Marvel: I downloaded the Marvel Comics app. Reading a comic on the iPhone was more fun than I thought it would be. They move between a large panel at times, zooming into different images and dialogue with each swipe of the finger.

What sucks about the application and their set up (at least to me) is that the basic price per virtual book is $1.99.  I am having a hard time reconciling spending a dollar on a virtual comic book. Double that takes the option off the table at this time.

-Coast To Coast AM: This app sucks. If you have their streaming service it is probably a must have, but it offered nothing to me, the casual former fan.  The host sucks at this point and Ian Punnett (the only reason I had streaming for as long as I did) left the weekend shift at the end of 2011.  He still does one Sunday a month but I can’t imagine paying money just for that.

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Time, Multitasking and how that leads to mulling a Tiger Woods ’13 purchase?

I’ve been a multitasker for a long time.  Can I surf the web and take in a hockey game? I would venture to say there are none better.  An opportunity to listen to a podcast for either enjoyment or learning while doing dishes? Sign me up.

None of the tasks I group up are ground breaking, but that doesn’t mean that they are not extremely useful to getting more out of my day. Lately I have been obsessed with time- my perception of how it passes, what changes have happened over the last twenty years and what direction we are headed for the next twenty and the biggie of them all (at least to me) why am I so good at wasting time.

Thankfully I am on a path of wasting less time.  It is all about establishing new, better habits. It is pretty easy to have a solid goal when your change is the polar opposite of your older, bad habit.

I need to move more. I have found that moving my legs more, or at least more often, lessens some of my issues and even alleviates others.  It is hit and miss some days. I have a very sedentary job.  In order to not stiffen up too much I make sure I get up about every half an hour.  I always have work to process ( put in a bin or in a box) so I just do it more often during the course of the day.

This brings me to Tiger Woods ’13.  First on the selling point list is my twin brother purchased the game. He enjoys 1st Person Shooters. I used to enjoy them. I don’t anymore.  Even when the objective of the game is to work as a team I just am not interested in the style any longer.

Tiger Woods supports the Kinect camera.  I can get more stretching in playing a round of virtual golf with my brother.  They have some online score tracking system that has him excited for the game. While nice, my main goal is fun.

He is going to test a round of golf tomorrow and report the results to a few people.  He had some early issues with the camera’s response to his movements, but he was going to recalibrate the camera.

If it works out that Kinect is fully supported in a useful manner I think the game is a lock. I get to spend time (sure virtual but the best we can regularly do)with my brother, stretch my tired body more and get some game time in.  A trifecta of Multitasking and I bet I can listen to a Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave  while playing- quadfecta?

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Sabres vs Capitals 3/27/12

From a dispassionate view I thought the Sabres had the upper hand before the puck dropped. I have watched a few games involving each team of late and while the Capitals have been doing well within their schedule the Sabres are playing like a playoff team.

It was a great win for the Sabres some plays really stood out during the course of the romp:

– Jason Pominville’s goal, especially out hustling Alex Ovechkin is one of the reasons I can see the Sabres winning in the first round.  They have a drive and confidence to their game.  Pominville was all go once the puck jumped Ovechkin’s stick. He was in the athlete groove- seeing the possibilities before they happened.

– Drew Stafford was back checking deep in the third period.  You would have been hard pressed to find Stafford back checking at all 10-15 games ago even if it were a tight game.  He was hustling when the result was well in hand.

– The line of Stafford-Ennis-Foligno is fun to watch.  They have not been together that long and they were moving the puck as if they were Kurri-Gretzky-Krushelynski.  It is very impressive.  I brought up that putting this line together was a good move to an avowed Ruff hater figuring he had to give some respect to Lindy.

He proceeded to say how much Lindy sucked and Ennis came to him as a center so that invalidates any level of good coaching.  Never mind that it didn’t address his putting these three together. Even though I am no longer a fan I think any talk of removing Ruff from the organization is lunacy.  It is one thing I will give to Pegula- he really likes Ruff.

– The line saved Drew Stafford’s season.  The guy is performing like the player they paid $4/million a year for.

– Marcus Foligno is the real deal.  I would never have said this as a fan because I was too invested in the players we had, but they may want to consider letting Pat Kaleta walk.  Between Foligno,  Cory Tropp and Luke Adam and Riley Boychuk in the AHL, well they have a log jam at forward, especially in the grindy capacity. Couple that fact with dirty money Pegula pinning for a top flight forward well there is little room at the house that pollution built for retaining all the players from the 2011-2012 squad..

– Tyler Myers impressed tonight.  He made a play on the penalty kill, he just pinched his check on the boards. It is the small type of heady play that makes certain players invaluable.  This guy is going to be more impressive than Chara in a few years.

I still see the Sabres as a second round team at best. The Capitals have been a bad of late even splitting a home/home versus the lowly Blue Jackets (yes they did get 3 out of 4 points, but you need all 4 against a team like the Blue Jackets).  A true test of the Sabres comes against the Penguins.

This nonpartisan lover of hockey will be tuned in for that game.

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Fury I Hath – The Catharsis Poem

This was me at hour one of anger really setting in.  I am not sure how I feel about it (overwrought? check, that’s me)  but I figure I don’t create too much from the perspective of anger (sometimes I feel I don’t create at all) so here it be- Angry Johnny*

Fury I Hath

No fury like scorned woman?

Try a Father’s Wrath

Tested twice

No one wants to feel my price.



Comfortably introverted

Responsibility for progeny

The shell must be averted



Fuck with them and you’ll see peace fail

Their growth and missteps

owned and prevailed

Step to them and your path I’ll derail

* This is my attempt at lightening up- A. I really never liked this song at all. B. I must be playing around as the Johnny being referred to has that antiquated H in it. C, One person in my life has every referred to me as Johnny and been allowed to continue.

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It is difficult to get me angry.  It is not difficult to make me annoyed,  agitated, peeved, distressed, exasperated, disturbed, bothered, ticked off, vexed, riled so on and so forth, but very rarely angry.

What can incite me to anger?  Do wrong to my wife or my kids.  About two hours ago I had steam coming out of my ears. Now? Well, now I have light steam coming out of my ears.  Is it a life or death slight that has me so full of animosity.  Thankfully, no.

First hand I can tell you as a parent this doesn’t matter. She had expectations and so did we. On short notice we found out otherwise. We went hoping to get some answers and wound up with half truths.  After watching the practice I could tell she was not into it and I have serious reservations as to the aptitude of the coach.

I have her waiting until Wednesday to tell me what she wants to do.  I am very tempted to suggest to her that she pursue another activity.  I really want her to make some part of the choice though.  My gut tells me it is better to walk away from this venture and find her others. I guess that is where I will pull out my parental trump card at the end, but I am curious to see if she offers me more than “I don’t like it” as her rational for trying something else. In this case, at the end of the day that will do.

Queue the cathartic song.






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