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Man in the Box

When it comes to “Seattle Sound”, I am firmly in the Ed Ved as minor diety crowd. I have always felt a pull from Pearl Jam. 

Nirvana and Alice in Chains are in serpentine contest for number two. Both bands are guilty “pleasures”. The music is hunkered down in pain, misery and despair.

Man in the Box. I remember how jarring it was when the video appeared on MTV. The imagery and the lyrics were an affront to Christianity, though I still felt much of the message.

Layne Staley, as I am positive I have reiterated here more than once, was the type of artist whose pain was front and center, beautified at times. I don’t think it was glorified ever, but the spot light was on a soured, sick soul.

And so, as I come to accept things that are not as I wish, I realize the release of such sorrow can have beauty, inform and allow a step forward. 

Or it can be an anchor, as it was for Layne. I didn’t know the man, of course, but the shine of his soul left a mark. I am thankful for it.

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Layne Staley

Alice in Chains is one of my favorite bands to sit back and just listen and think. Layne has a voice that grabs me. Whether it is a heavier song like “Angry Chair” or something off of their best work Jar of Flies, which is more subdued, I’m always willing to listen to some AIC.

His pain is evident in his voice. He is so evocative, so passionate. It resonates with me. The man was sharing of himself. He took over songs  that he didn’t even write.

Down in a Hole was written by Jerry Cantrell about an ex girlfriend.  Layne made it about his addiction. He absorbed the song and it has his ethos.

It bothers me sometimes, how beautiful I consider some of this man’s art, as it displays so much of his pain.

Rest in Peace Layne.

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