For My Family and Friends, and that is enough for me.

07 Sep

I am not sure if any of the people I endlessly talked about football with would remember, but I really liked Rex Ryan as a coach. It was more in spite of the bombastic things than because of them.

It isn’t enough to make me consider watching the sport again, though. Nor is Fred ending up in Seattle, though that was enough to make me sad about the Bills again. I don’t even care to know more about the he said/she said of it all ever. Fred Jackson should have been allowed to retire a Buffalo Bill as long as he was healthy and able to produce.

I hope the Bills win the Super Bowl this year, though. Because I have two brothers and a Dad who are rabid fans still. I have countless friends and co-workers who run the gamut from die-hard to fair weather.

My brother in Colorado has been taking losing hard long since I gave that up. There were games that stung after awhile, but after becoming a father and seeing what truly matters at the end of the day, well a defensive back falling down or a receiver dropping a ball in the end zone, it stinks, but its a game.

A game versus nature. I will leave it at that. I know I won’t change anything but it changes everything to me. It is enough for me which means it should be enough for you. Despite how I feel I have never once wanted either team to fail. Have I thought of some of the recent struggles as a karmic kickback? Perhaps.

But the sun also rises, and the people of Buffalo are due. My friend Sue is the type of Sabre fan I am proud of. She was rooting for wins while others rooted for a tank. I would not have been behind the tank. Could not have been behind the tank. So every success the Sabres have I will be extra happy for Sue.

I have not filled the time with great swaths of writing or crafts or tangible wonderments to behold. I am pretty sure I perfected my Green Eggs and Ham, though. Sam I Am has a rather floaty voice. I will likely end up at a party at some point where football will be on or my son may want to start watching it.

I may try to steer him to hockey first, as I still watch random NHL games all season long. I can’t attach to a team. I am a retrired Sabre and Bills fan. Lindy coaching in Dallas intrigues me, but it is the Stars, I just can’t do it.  Beyond that, I tried to jump on the Jets when they came back. It is not meant to be.

I think that is okay. Because I do love that sport, hockey. I never once thought of watching another game or following another team besides the Bills. I loved that team, not so much the sport. I am sure aging has something to do with it, but I did watch half a game late October last year when a relative was in the hospital.

It was incredibly violent looking, even 6 weeks removed from watching. There was a tackle near the sidelines that was jarring to me.

I’m off in left field again.  For my family, for my friends, for the die hards,

Let’s go Buffalo.

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