The Walking Dead 2/8/15 Spoiler talk

08 Feb

The writers need to have mercy on me this season and keep their hands off Carol and Maggie.

The Greene family is my favorite traditional family to meld into Rick’s Grimes larger band.

Hershel was my favorite from the get go. His behavior throughout is how I perceive myself at my best- helping others, offering an ear and a word.

Also like Hershel, when bitten by darkness (his more literal) it took a friend to nudge me off those rails, to whom I am ever grateful. AMFM had a Grimes moment on my life. She rocks.

Back on task, Hershel has a terrible habit of many of my heroes- he lost his head much like my dear

**** Game of Thrones book one season one spoiler incoming ****

Ned Stark. I really enjoyed the character, have lived moments where empathy has caused me problems. I pick my spots better, I think.

So basically, less like Hershel and Ned in some major ways.

That left me with Maggie and Beth Greene as my Hershel connection. I may have shed a tear for Beth, though by that time she had found her strength, reminding me of Carol when she stepped up to Dawn, which lead quickly through dusk to night. I don’t see how we find day tonight. Maybe we don’t.

Carol- Certainly there are reasons to dislike, perhaps even loathe Carol. Sorry, I get Hershel and Ned Stark about her. Her husband was a piece of shit, her daughter- Sophia- became a zombie, dispatched by Rick (Roland of Gilead, *cough*)at the Greene farm.

The quest for Sophia almost drove Daryl Dixon to total madness. He was uncomfortably Apocalypse Now. He is a true friend to Carol. AMFM, if you will.

So Carol, especially after her redemption- as well as the larger groups descent into an altering rage (near an altar), well it is a different world. The Walkers have done a lot less direct killing. People are killing people with uncomfortable ease. Bob’s burgers took on a new meaning.

Maggie has Glen, so I have always worried less about her. When she was apart from the slaughter I was comforted. Hershel lives on.

But for how long?

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