Social Media mobs

30 Nov

It feels like we are stuck at the low hanging fruit stage of the internet informing people.

Instead of digesting what is laid out as “proof” of something it appears people are grabbing and eating these apples as if they are thr brand Ed Robertson sells in one of my favorite BNL songs.

It is easy to spot what bears more investigation. I am far from perfect in my grammar and syntax. Oh how I wish I were as good at spotting my own foibles as I am others. That raises a flag.

Worse is absolute opinion being presented as fact. If it is uproarious enough people will react without a thought. I have hopes that it is keyboard courage, but you never know. I’ve had dustups with people I am sure are decent. I learned from it.

I’m not sure exactly what all of this says about cognitive thought, other than cognitive disonance is not only on the rise, but is in a loving embrace with a growing segment of the population.

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Posted by on 11/30/2014 in Dirt


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