The nerve of some people and ourselves

17 Sep

I have some sort of nerve condition that causes chronic discomfort often paired with a nice ’74 pain. It was labeled diabetic neuropathy, have a nice day. I have known I was diabetic since mid 2008. I did very little to alter my approach to life, save starting on metformin.

For the last 2 1/2 years I’ve experienced my symptoms balloon from foot and ankle burning and pain up to just past my knee. It has also cropped up in my arms now, all this despite significant alterations to my life style.

It affects every aspect of my life. Some days greatly, others less so. It has been a journey full of potholes, lessons and painful realizations- this may in fact (and probably is) be the shape I live the rest of my life in.

It is not written starkly on my gait, body or otherwise for the most part. But it is there, like an imaginary bully, ready to take my legs out from under me. It is the Lucy to my Charlie Brown.

It is easy to say from these shoes that Nothing as it Seems, as often as not.

So be kind to others, eh? The lines on a face or a cane , walker or scooter may be a road map of information, though beneath the crust is an unknown. In that unknown much suffering can and does exist.

I wish I couldn’t attest to that.

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