09 Sep

As most of Buffalo rejoices at the acquisition of the Buffalo Bills by Terry Pegula,I took it as a sucker punch right cross this morning.

Yes, I knew Terry Pegula would probably present the winning bid. However I made a concession with myself. He would be crowned week five or six and I have the year to enjoy it all. Breathe it in one last time.

Nothing was supposed to move this far forward so quickly. Yes, he was likely to win, but I’d “take me, one last ride” before it was formal.

The last ride was awesome. I didn’t expect it to last one game. It was a hell of a game. My favorite Bill of all time, #22, was huge. Sure he ran like a beast on the 38 yarder, but watch E.J.’s bootleg TD run. Freddy was selling it strong up the gut. Taking the shots for the team. Corey Graham was my player of the game. Amazing. Simply amazing. Spikes- they better get a “fine bucket” for you. You are the type of winner they need.

I loved being at the game. I watched what I wanted (Bennett’s first game he was a maniac, Bruce vs two or three back in the glory years, 51-3, Mario standing with his hands on his hips vs KC while the play was live and he had opportunity , numerous cornerback/receiver match ups, how many times will Chris Kelsay grab and then slide off a quarterback as if that was what he was paid $5 million a year for, what the hell is Chidi Ahanatou doing out there?, I choose Chris Spielman as one of my three people to go into a dark alley with…etc) and enjoyed the energy. Oh, the energy.

I went to a small handful of my 150 some odd games intoxicated- the natural buzz was enough. Not only that, obliterated (the Spikes is a Bengal, let’s woo him game) detracted from the experience. It almost lead to the purchase NA beer, which the nuns assured me was the wise choice as I weaved away- hello lamp post, whatcha knowen?

None of that was apparent the first game, of course. A win over the Colts to a quarter full house featuring Joe Dufek as your starting QB.

But 1987 on, that was when being at the stadium was invigorating. The cleanest and purest feeling of unity I have experienced in my life save the bond with my twin, Rob and the one I have with my wife, Marlene. There is a buzz that can get lost in the symphony of cheers, boos and nonsense. But it is wonderful, especially opening day. I used to get goose bumps thinking about it. I was the fan who was an introvert fanatic. Not slathered with face paint, red and blue, eyes rolling in the back of my head as I guarantee myself a sore throat, but in my heart I was invested in those amazing moments of soaring success and equally devastating defeat.

I loved that team. I loved that place. Most of all I loved sharing the experience with my Dad and my siblings.

It does hurt. But it doesn’t feel wrong at all. It is the proper choice for me . Similar to the Sabres, though 100 times more painful.

I wish the fans a Super Bowl win. The base deserves it. Except for that asshole who wanted to fight that Dolphin fan all game last December, my last game.

Our defense was as dominant as I have ever witnessed in person. That includes the Bruce years. This dick wants to fight a guy half his size from 2 minutes into the first quarter. He spent the whole game right in front of me missing it all. Frozen that shit, son.

Younger Bills fans and as a reminder to the older ones on my way out- treat the visiting fans with respect. We did from what I witnessed in F2 row 33 during the Super Bowl years. It wasn’t too different in 109 or 110. Buffalo was about respect. Take that back so Mom can get off the Jumbo Trons.

Finally, the Moores. It has been an honor to be your seat mates for thirty plus years in total, though I can only speak for 29. Great people. You deserve the best in everything.

As my favorite author said- So it goes.

See you on the flip side.

My best,


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