Bills/Vikings Post Game

17 Aug

I ended up calling it at half time which meant I witnessed our defense rising (and the Vikings centers falling- two bad snaps over the head?) and Kevin Kolb put on his best impression of Ryan Fitzpatrick at his worst. Tcakes wanted to stay, but that was the sugar talking. No hot dog, no dip n dots, but there was an abudance of Sierra Mist,a pretzel and some Skittles. The Kid’s Day outdoor activities were varied and looked fun. My daughter was locked in- to waving her foam finger- but locked in. I was able to watch the whole first half. She was impressed by the view.



– The Vikings offense looked overmatched. If the Bills have enough disguise their defense regularly we could be in for something special. Jerry Hughes was a monster. They seemed jittery, there were a number offsides penalties, but they were strong. Even when the initial rush failed they kept fighting. I can’t wait to see the full rollout week 1.

– I would think Kolb is out of the starting QB slot. E.J. Manuel was off and on starting last week too, sure, but he is a rookie, not a veteran that looked like one. He was throwing the ball like Fitz at his worst. He also looked Fitz like when he scrambled for nine when we needed 21. Heis a good insurance policy to me and even at that I am more inclined to lean toward Tuel as number 2 if that was Kolb when he is fighting for something and some pressure is on. I might give Tuel a series or two against a number 1 defense.

– Fred Jackson looked really good. I was at the Bills message boards and Butch from the eastside had a thread suggesting the Bills should release   or trade Fred. Butch is a fool, that is all.

It was a great family time event, though I made sure my daughter knew save Kids Day it might be awhile before she is at the Ralph for a game. Even at Kids Day there were plenty of heavy imbibers.

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