Bills/Vikings pregame thoughts- Kid’s Day with my daughter

16 Aug

I am heading out to the stadium with my daughter for a preseason matchup with as much excitement as I have been able to muster since Bledsoe’s first year. This front office and coaching staff appear to have a focus on fast, smart football. I plan on doing my best to watch some football, but that is all dependent on my copilot for the evening-

– I will be watching some of the game on the concourse TVs while in line for a pretzel, hot dog, drink or dip-n-dots. That’s okay. Despite my excitement about the direction of the franchise this is about Dad/Daughter time.

– I am assuming Kiko Alonzo’s injury is minor if he is hurt at all. All I heard from Marrone is he is out. I was bummed at first, but if uninjured there are a few reasons why I changed my mind: 1. He looked so good last week there is no reason to risk injury. Alonzo is that important to the Defense at this point. 2. Because of number 1 the Bills need to identify a solid backup in case Alonzo gets injured.

– The cornerback battle is extremely interesting with Crezdon Butler and Ron Brooks vying for the starting spot opposite Gilmore. While Leodis McKelvin is penciled in as the starter he is battling a groin injury. It is possible Leodis could be limited in his ability to run and keep up with speedy wide receivers. Thus week on WGR550 one of their ‘experts’ was bemoaning how often our WRs are torching the DBs in practice. I don’t see it as a horrible thing. They are training against one of the fastest units in the league. They should be better in the Regular Season where most teams don’t have four burners.

– WR cuts are going to be hard. I will be surprised if Brad Smith is on the Opening Day roster. They are so deep here it is almost certain some other team will claim our cuts. Hopefully they will slip one or two onto the practice squad. I can’t wait to see how fast Goodwin looks in person.

– Can’t wait to see all three QBs. I hope Teul sees time against 1st or 2nd team soon. They need to give Kolb his time, but make sure it isn’t at the expense of E.J.

– It should be a more competitive game.   The Colts are looking to build off past success and looked lazy. Minnesota is a hungrier squad looking to make the next step.

– I am hoping for zero injuries.

– If we stay until half time I would be impressed.

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