Bills/Colts post game thoughts

11 Aug

– EJ was pedestrian for long stretches, but it was competent vanilla. His big run showed some versatility that other teams will have to consider. If someone had to spy Manuel it is one less defender gumming up execution. He never threw a long ball, but there was no need. The touchdown throw to Dorrin Dickerson was well placed and well paced.

– CJ Spiller looked great. He looked like he was playing at double speed while the rest of the players were in sloooooowmoootiooon. It was great to see. I recognize he ripped off two decent runs in a row, but perhaps Chan Gailey was onto something with the conditioning angle. Spiller probably will need more breathers with the pace of his style, but it seemed awfully early to pull yourself out of a drive,

– The Wide Receiver battle is going to involve some tough cuts. It is certain guys who are talented and dedicated will be let go. It is a good and decidedly 1990s type problem for the Bills.

-The defense was tough. The defense was relentless. The defense was on target. For the most part. Ron Brooks taunting penalty after a successful 3rd down stop is in the category of unacceptable mistakes.  He made up for it on a thunderous hit that caused a fumble, but it never should’ve come to that. It was nice to see Mario Williams get a sack, even if it was due to incompetence on the part of the Left Tackle. Kiko Alonzo looked like he was born to be a star NFL linebacker.  A natural.

– Jeff Tuel looked good. Tuel was QBing against the 3rd & 4th stringers and was commanding. I hope HC Doug Marrone gives him some earlier reps next game so that we can see what he is capable of.

It’s too bad preseason isn’t a solid predicator of regular season success, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Bills are starting their new direction with a synergy that says we are onto something special here.

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