Under the Dome

30 Jul

Spoiler alert if you have DVR’d this past Sunday’s episode- the show still sucks. Kidding aside I had one foot out of the door and was leaning to get off this cliche driven piece of summer fare. Tonight I resigned myself to spend the 40 minutes in a more constructive manner next week, whatever that may be. It all ended when a furniture truck took out the town’s water tower.

Yes, during a crisis of a town cut off from the world by a dome, shortly after the government tried to MOAB the dome and town off the earth, Ashley’s Home Furniture is still willing to deliver you a sweet naugahyde sofa/love seat deal. The wheels were coming off before that, but that was the coup de gras.

I have not read much Stephen King after the Dark Tower series ended. I read Cell (which was good) but found myself not connecting with other works. I pulled back from the buffet with a Thankee Sai directed at one of my favorite authors. I will pick up The Stand again someday because I just seem to read that book. I have read it through five or six times and have cherry picked storylines in the past. The Drawing of the Three is another surefire revisit.

On the newer side I plan on reading the novel Under the Dome. The premise is fascinating, but it is being told in the most brutal, dialogue
telling-not showing and inviting every ugly writing/character issue a place to shine and have its 14 1/2 minutes. When they do shave the edges off the cliche it is by half a minute at best.

Add Under the Dome to the sad, long list of poorly transferred Stephen King works onto a visual medium.

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