Cook the Byrd

26 Jul

I have been a long time advocate for Jairus Byrd’s place as the elite free safety in the NFL. With that he should be fairly compensated as one of the elite safties in the league. I believe playing on a bad Bills team coupled with name recognition holding too much power in the  selection processes was the only reason he was second team  All Pro this year.

Watching Byrd grow into a complete player has been one of the bright spots in the Bills recent dismal run. He could hawk balls but was atrocious as a tackle his rookie year. He came back next season in a new system with significantly improved skills and now is one  of the surest tacklers on the team. He has yet to be exposed to Mike Pettine’s system, which is worrisome. Like Gregg, Mike likes to come in waves. Mike seems to pick a greater degree of difficulty though.

Here is where I jump off the Byrd bandwagon and wonder just how much Eugene Parker (Byrd’s agent) hates the Bills. The window for a long term deal is closed until after the season. The only options Byrd has are to sign or sit and I guess wait for Godot. He is well past any reasonable point of ‘looking out for his’ as there is nothing else to hash out. Sign or sit. He may be trying to arm bar the Bills into agreeing to no tag in 2014.

If Byrd isn’t in Rochester by weeks end with his signature on the tender they should let him sit a full season out. I am hoping the safeties we have look promising. This is some of the seedier stuff in pro-sports. The I in team is too strong.

Go Bills

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