Anthropomorphic introduction Freaky Friday style

26 Mar

My daughter watched Phineas & Ferb for breakfast every morning, sometimes with a side of cereal, sometimes a hard boiled egg, often homemade cinnamon toast- always decaf tea. I would pry my morning greeting out and get ready to go rouse boy, who typically is in spaz mode first thing.

Monday evening I came home to a shaken daughter. She was emotionally wiped out. My wife finally got out of our 7 year old that a dog in the Freaky Friday Nickalodeon commercial had frightened her. Being that I was frightened of many things as a child I immediately connected with her. It is a throw away image to many for too many reasons to name. You put a cartoonish mouth on a dog, with pointy teeth, and it can take a sensitive, artistic girl and throw her off.

She was very edgy all week. We tried everything. Talked to her endlessly. I predict she will cry hard at Beaches, or her generations version. I was on edge too. I plug in at work most of the time. I was 100% l last week. We all have problems to deal with, but who wants to hear griping about a misplaced basket when your child is suffering?

On Tuesday I went in hard with talking. Perhaps I should’ve done voices for her, at least I’d have had something. I know one thing now, stories of my difficulties with fear didn’t engender a sense of camaraderie , a verbal flask if you will, no, it produced more terror. Casey at Bat, my Buffalo Bills losing four straight Super Bowls, no my failure trumped them. But like those Bills and Chumbawamba I get up again…

Wednesday was an early night. She was still extremely sensitive. We hugged her, kissed her, tried to assure her. I shook my fist at the production team for that commercial and the show itself, Dog with a Blog. My shaking skills are such I have great endurance from years
of practice. I decided to try and appeal to her favorite things.

A Monster High doll. Bribery, perhaps, but I was trying to jump start my child. This was getting scary. So after work on Thursday I visited Target. I acquired the daughter of the gargoyle (from the Scaris line) Surely this will get my peanut on track. Eh, she didn’t open the doll until Friday, but she opened up that  evening after a bath and a few summit talks- an agreement to wake up positive. The kicker, after four days Tom fucking Bergeron and America’s Funniest Home Videos brought a smile, to a giggle, to a laugh. Eh, a thank you to Tom and AFV. She glanced at me, asked why I wasn’t watching the show. Oh I was watching the show, the shine of her eyes, the love in her laugh, my soul was smiling and my heart was full.

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