Game of Thrones- alt realm coming to TV

23 Mar

At a recent press event (maybe the premiere?) GRRM , series creator George RR Martin, let slip that a character that is still alive in the books will meet their end this season. It took me back to the late summer early autumn of 1986. A teaser at the back of X-Men #210 said three X-Men will fall. My brother, our friend and neighbor Mark and perhaps others were having one of the final pool days of the year and we were talking about it. I SAID “I hope Kurt, Colossus and Kitty aren’t the three!” That’s right nerd precog at times. Sure the show has already departed from the source material a few times, but this is new ground. I read the comments from GRRM and I had deep concern for a favorite and almost hoped one of my most reviled was the target the statement alluded to- I speak of Brienne of Tarth and the artist currently known as Theon Greyjoy. Brienne is near or at the top of my favorite characters, depending on the day. I really enjoy Jaime as well, once his POV entered the story. Did he do some distasteful things- no doubt. I think his journey is too informed by Brienne, but I guess that could be wishful thinking on my part. No matter how well they craft her on TV I am guessing she will be cut at some point before her time in book Westeros. Theon. Please let it be Theon. Sure he suffers as he should, but he is just detestable. Other not so instant thought candidates- Sansa, Arya (I pray to the heart tree no), Bran and perhaps Gendry.

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