Still INFJ… eh?

15 Jan

Time to revisit this test and see what it says this time.  In the interests of being able make it as scientific as possible I am using the test. I will also be documenting the numbers involved with each letter. I guess I will be learning their bearing as I go, though I am pretty certain they relate to the strength of that trait.

Here goes…

INFP.  Interesting. This is the first time in taking the test (about 10 times) that I have ever scored anything other than INFJ.  I guess my want to alter my outlook is setting in… or I finally took the test in a more relaxed state. Who, knows.  I know this the score broken down- I – 56

N – 50

F – 25

P – 11


I guess at the root of it I am still the “same” as I was all those other times, however I now perceive more than I judge. So it goes.


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