Playing on Black Ice

15 Jan


I grew up in a sports family. My first Sabres game at the Aud was a playoff game versus the Vancouver Canucks. It was a great time and I enjoyed many moments in that Old Building that I will always cherish- watching Pat LaFontaine and Alexander Mogilny tear it up in person in 1992-93 was a joy. Sports were often a window to time with  my Dad.  It was always shared, though I didn’t mind.  It was all I knew after all and my Dad always worked hard and often. It is one of the many wonderful traits he passed down to me, including my ever popular (and often not so popular) sarcasm.

It was not jarringly hard, nor very sad to turn in my Sabre fan card when Terry Pegula’s name came up as the next owner of the Sabres, at least not after a quick Google search. I had read (though not as much as I have by now) about fracking, our great American future in energy.  It was appalling. Add into the mix that my twin brother and his family live in an area where fracking was and still is a very real threat.  The economic impact for the community at large is overinflated and the disastrous environmental impact is hazardous. How hazardous, well they just won’t tell you.  They like to keep their poison proprietary ya see?

Does he still have an interest in fracking though?  From everything I have read, no.  But really, does that change where the money came from? The fact that he is a “Founding Father” of the modern American Frack?  Is my entertainment that much more important than the mass destruction of clean water and arid land?  I would imagine it was like the moment where vegetarians decide to eschew meat for ethical reasons, a secular epiphany. I do my best (mostly) to stay out of verbal confrontations with Sabre fans. It is not worth either of our time, that is unless I am berated for putting principle over Perreault. Then it can get a bit heated and that sarcasm becoming increasingly unpopular for them and a like a coveted sharpened sabre for me. Thanks Dad!

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