Mr. Behind the times enters the Twitterverse

03 Jan

Not quite wanting to be 7 years behind the trend (OK really just looking into things that I have previously brushed off without giving a fair shot) I decided to sign up for a Twitter account.  I am curious about how it is used, rather if I can find an large enough amount of people who are sharing insightful things to follow and not a steady stream of advertising.

I think I am ahead of the curve, to a degree.  Number one, many of the things I like place me outside target demographics. Sure, there are some hip 38 year olds out there that keep up on changing fashion, music and artistic scene.  I know of at least one Jon Kot who is not amongst that crowd.

I have an eclectic group of people on follow at this point- a few family members, some friends, favorite musicians, tv personalities, a few political commentators.  I may end up trying on some from vastly divergent view points, but that can be taxing, I don’t want Twitter to be taxing…

I have yet to compose tweet one.  While I am sure it will push the 140 character limit. Apparently there are two people I don’t even know who are waiting with baited breath for tweet one of @KotJon.  I don’t know how the word got out I had entered Twitter. I have no clue who these two people are.

Already though I can see a trend that will lead to a removal from the reading list-

@jaymohr37- retweet machine today.  I didn’t find most of them funny. I can see the value of a retweet, but this was excessive.  I find him extremely funny most of the time, but the Slam Man is on the early exit watch list. Perhaps I should follow Tracy Morgan too.  Jay does an impeccable Tracy Morgan impression. I could maybe get a 2x Tracy tweet going. Maybe retweeting is  common on Twitter. If that is the case this may be a short experiment.


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