2013, how do you do?

31 Dec

2012 was full of wonderful events in my life.  Somehow I allowed the negative to poison me and it reflected so much in what I was writing and thinking that I had to put the brakes on the latter and do more of the former. Being the brooder that I am the poison leeched out slowly, like amber in late fall.

I am not normally a fan of New Year’s Eve.  I just didn’t get it.  Why not make these changes promised at other times of the year?   I had some success with a Carpe Diem approach, to a degree.  Certainly I didn’t need this overblown holiday to turn the corner on any problems or issues.

This year though, I accept the challenge.  Can I turn the tide on negativity and show it my figurative bare heine.  Yes, yes I can. So no feeding into the negative, that was your final dab of ink on my papyrus. I will put my best wobbly foot in front of the other less effective limb and bring the best I have even in the face of others worst, my overabundance of dedication to work in the face of apathy, a rictusesque smile to days where I have little to give.

Bon soir 2012, welcome to you 2013. I wish the best of life to everyone I know, especially those who thrive off misery. May they find true joy and peace.


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