Week 11 Bills/Dolphins

15 Nov

I have no prediction for the final score of tonights contest, though I do have one that represents one of the greatest disappointments of this season- the Bills will run the ball fewer than 25 times despite the many reasons tgey should be running it more.

Tashard Choice is an obviously downgrade from Freddy but I can’t see Chan giving Spiller 15 carries and Choice 10. Eight men in the box frightens the Bills to rest their success on Teh Fitz… I like a lot of things about Fitz but he is not a reliable enough passer to put the success of a game on. Add to that the Bills pass into the 10 yard window crowded with the defenders they refuse to challenge with our star running backs running the ball and I started considering pulling my hair out. Of course maybe the Dolphins refuse to stack the box with eight, but Wannstadt is our coach now, not theirs.

It is a Miami game, so I am on my way to The Ralph. It holds half the appeal of the ninties contests at best, but I have a coffee bet with one of the inexplicably numerous Dolphins fans at work so I have a serious rooting interest… It hasn’t gotten that bad for me, but it is on the road.

I hope the team puts forth an effort this game. There are more than a few areas of concern. I will be locked on to the $100 million dollar disappointment to see if he is playing to the whistle… OK it is that bad- my expectation is for players to try. I hope Fitz scores enough for that free cup of Timmy Hortons… Go Bills?

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