Week 6 Bills/Cardinals

14 Oct

I stopped watching last week at halftime.  I did listen to the second half. What a dreary season this has turned into.  A co-worker who is never down about anything was melancholy about the 49ers game.  The Bills set a new league record, a new worst- over 300 rushing and passing yards surrendered in a single game.

The team has quit. Even the most dedicated fanatics seem to be doubting this teams heart.  I doubt where their heads are at.  For the last two weeks the Patriots and 49ers ran over the same gap issue the Bills have… over and over… and over and over.   There were personnel changes, but the scheme seemed set in stone.  They have two incredible talents at running back and use both sparingly.  I know they are both hurt, but this team needs to run to win, at least more than they have been.

I am a huge Freddy Jackson fan.  I could live with him only having 5 touches today if it meant Spiller were getting 25.  They need to play to the strengths they have. The Fitz is a liability when the game is placed on his shoulders.  Give him some breathing room and he can be very good again.  I know, I know, the O-line is a mess. We need to establish the run.

The Cardinals are a soft 4-1 if there is such a thing. If the Bills want to be in the running for a playoff spot they need this win.  I see them digging deep, playing stouter defense and leave the desert with a 24-17 win.

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