Reactions from Bills/Pats

30 Sep

What a game today. The first half the Bills forced turnovers that covered a porous defense and inept defensive line. The hoodie must have found a gap we cover poorly. Ridley and and Brandon Boldin both went over 100 yards rushing and Boldin will shoot up the fantasy football transaction list for next week.

Some big problems- I watched Mario Williams give up on numerous plays. Kyle Williams chased Brady to where Williams would have been if he didn’t decide to stop for a blow. I have listened to and read a lot of criticism of Mario’s production. Honestly as long as he is eating up two blockers I consider it a job well done. Not playing to the whistle though is close to unforgivable. It was in the second quarter, when we had mo.

Speaking of Mo that Spiller fumble at the end of the half loomed large. We crumbled against New England, again. It is disappointing what ease two backs were able to go over 100 yards. It wasn’t two home run runs and a cloud of dust. It was six to ten yards. We didn’t adjust and they knew how to beat the defense. Barnett had 15 tackles, most in the Pozlusny zone (five to ten yards past the line of scrimmage. Brady abused Justin Rogers with Welker on the same pattern at least five times. How does that happen? We looked outclassed on the field against New England… again.

I was stunned at how poorly the defensive line played. They were average. There were two plays I noticed, including the touchdown to Woodhead, where they had a shot at Brady and missed him. They need to be better, much better. Our defensive success is linked to their ability to dominate. The Patriots were without Logan Mankins and they still took our line to school.

The bright spots on D? Byrd continues to look and play like a Pro Bowler, though he was injured in the game. If it is the same leg issue from the Chiefs game the Bills are without their best defensive back. Gilmore looked really good too. He had one play where he was a half second too slow for the pick, but he covered Lloyd well.

The Fitz. How does the guy who threw the pretty TD to Chandler in the corner of the end zone also throw so many ducks? He almost got Donald Jones decapitated in a short route deep in the fourth quarter.  I like the Fitz as a leader. Fitz the gunslinger is too erratic at times and the times they are a often. A sign he felt defeated in the game?  He slid in the fourth quarter on a scramble.

Both Spiller and Jackson fumbled. Freddy is usually solid. Losing Glenn and Urbik to injuries was crushing. This team folded. The glow these two running backs brought to start the game was muted by the limited usage of the running game. The injuries to the offensive line were devastating, but good teams overcome these obstacles.

Perhaps it is because I have witnessed at least three other Patriot beatings like this at the stadium in the past or that I am a naive optimist but while this game was disappointing, we are only at the quarter post of the season. The true test comes in the next few weeks. How/Do they adjust to this massive loss. We will find out what kind of team we have soon. Adversity is here and it is time to rise to the challenge. Let’s go Bills.

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