Week 4- Bills/Patriots

29 Sep

Last year the Bills played a near perfect game to beat the Patriots at home. It broke a 15 game losing streak to the Pats. I was witness at the stadium for more than a few beatings and was there when the Sam Adams/Lawyer Milloy led Bills beat the Patriots for the last time in a long time.  I was feeling great about the game until I woke up Friday morning with visions of pumps n go routes on Gilmore sowing doubt in my team.

I think he will be better though. He has to be as do the front four. How the Bills defense deals with Tom Brady will dictate much of the game.  The amount Freddy Jackson/C.J. Spiller can contribute is another factor. While having both would be a luxury I think Freddy is the key. If he can play 75 percent of the offensive plays at 90 percent the Bills have a chance to put up big numbers against a young Patriots defense that has been giving up yardage and points.

While the rain in the forecast already has my joints rattling I hope a steady rain falls tomorrow in Orchard Park.  This is a big game for the team. Discard the tough road haul following this game, the Bills have a chance to put the Patriots in an unfamiliar 1-3 hole.

I think Chan and has staff pull out all the stops.  It could be a sloppy game, but Buffalo prevails.
Buffalo 35 New England 27

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