The Padres AAA future in the NL West and Young Out/Jackson In

27 Aug

Writing is a lot like sports- to even do it you have to practice at it daily. I can’t imagine what it would take to turn the corner to great, but I know it isn’t not doing it, which I haven’t been for over a week.

Over the course of this past weekend the Boston Red Sox “traded”  three of their All Star level players to the LA Dodgers for what amounts the hockey equivalent of a used bag of pucks. They received a few of the Dodgers top prospects, a serviceable Major League first baseman and massive salary relief to the tune of $260 million dollars… I laugh at anyone who defends this trade as anymore than it was- a disgrace.

My Padres were starting to look like a functional franchise capable of contending for a wild card spot next year, maybe even a Division crown if I put on my hopelessly optimistic sports fan hat. In the last three weeks the team has swept three of the six series they have played. Two were against bad teams (Arizona  & the Cubs) and a flagging contender (Pittsburgh) but any baseball fan will tell you series sweeps are not easy.

Top that off with the sale of the team to a group including PGA Pro Phil Mickelson and I started seeing a Free Agent or two in their future, probably second tier, but hey hope was around the bend. Then the Magic Johnson led Dodgers started buying up other peoples garbage – underperforming Hanley Ramirez from the Marlins and Shane Victorino from the Phils- and I figured, OK they want to sell tickets for the rest of the season.

Then Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett and Carl Crawford were given away in a swap that makes Facebook stock look like a profitable and fair deal.  They didn’t want to sell tickets, they want to be the West Coast Yankees. The thought of it all has me ready to walk away from baseball on a Major League level for good. They might as well set up the league like the English Premier League and have tiered divisions based on ability.  It is a joke right now.


Vince Young looked like the kid who thought he could glide through senior year of high school doing no work and still end graduating.  He was making serious errors on the field and pranced off the field like he had less than a care in the world.  Now he has no job and the Quarterback position as a whole is a huge question mark in Buffalo.

Sure, the job is still Fitz’s.  I am glad for that. I like the guy and I think he is a servicable game manager who can pull out a few surprises.  I am not in love with the idea of him throwing 30-40 times a game.  When he was on it was magnificent. When it wasn’t it truly wasn’t. I repeat this so often it is almost a mantra, but Freddy Jackson, Freddy Jackson, Freddy Jackson.  Give him 60 percent of our offense and get ready to participate in Wild Card Weekend.

It is alarming that the team has decided to make the switch the week of the final preseason game, but at the same time perhaps it should be comforting. The powers that be at One Bills Drive want a better solution at backup quarterback. It isn’t the ideal time for it, though it beats them going forward sticking with a choice they were clearly uncomfortable with. I was pulling for Vince before Saturday night.

This acts as sarcasm font.

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