Pangs of Hunger for Story after the Games

19 Aug

.  We rented The Hunger Games  yesterday and while I found bits and pieces of story in the telling it was like watching a giant cliche. The heroine, Katniss is rather emotionless in appearance despite her very emotional reason for being in the games.  I am not sure if Hollywood believes women can only be strong when rigid and stoic in nature, but it is a tired act.

The usual is he/she with me or against me?, hero in an impossible situation scenarios were in play.  The problem lies in how transparent these scenes are.  Immersion was not taking place. I even found myself comparing the movie to a series of books I read as a young teen- Fire Brats (Fire Brats was better.)

I really knew I wasn’t enjoying the movie to its fullest because I was too busy picking apart the obvious turns that were going to take place.  I sat there hoping for better and it kept falling a bit flat. I don’t often critique or engage the costumes in a piece but holy shit the rich/greedy folks dressed like they found Barnum & Bailey’s Clown cars full of costumes..  I get it, fashion has evolved even further away from my grasp- no I didn’t expect that was possible. It was distracting and it felt unnecessary.

There were elements I enjoyed that I am guessing were done better in print.  The Mocking Jays have symbolic importance and a slight role in the film, but felt more empty than I imaged they would. Perhaps it is the presence of that pin on every piece of related merchandise but they didn’t feel fleshed out or very important. Even the explanation of their significance had a throw away feel.

Stanley Tucci did what he does best- elevate or dominate every scene he was in.  Woody Harrelson was a nice surprise. Lenny Kravitz was quite good as well. Donald Sutherland was either the bad guy, disinterested in the movie or both.

I had no plans to read the books but I will give the first one a chance. I am guessing that it will reinforce my beliefs on creative works- 99/100 the written work blows away any filmed version.

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