Selfishness, deluded

16 Aug

While there are many examples of selfishness’ growing place in the world the most glaring to me of late has occurred in my office.

The Powerball had increased to 320 million. People were planning their escape- theirs and a limited host of others. I didn’t see matching footwear, but there were other cultish insinuations around.

The pools were far from inclusive. It would seem sharing the imagined windfall past a few friends would be a travesty. Why split 320 million 20 ways when 10 would be so much more? These same people bemoan the the selfishness of the rich… They aspire to be (and delusionally subscribe) to what they claim to despise.

It is one of the growing reasons I am no longer just thankful for my job upon waking I am also increasingly despondent. Thankfully Despondent, the name for my non existent bluegrass group and also my office point of view.


I just got done watching a video by Eric McLean entitled “Eric’s Confessional Final” that was the proper smack up side the head for the self indulgent post above.  I would erase it but let it stand in testament to the worst I have to offer. I have never watched his video blog before, but the man has fought cancer for the second time in his life and his battle is ending. I’m praying for a miracle for you buddy.

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One response to “Selfishness, deluded

  1. Mike

    08/16/2012 at 1:59 PM


    Don’t take it so hard man…I live in the city of hardened hearts where a new luxury condo goes up everyday and sits empty for years while the sick, homeless and indigent try to catch a nap or some shelter under the eaves of the ubiquitous scaffolding or on a bench on a subway platform. There’s one good thing we can point to in all this: the world’s still got people like you in it. Take care!


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