My Favorite TV show of all time #2 The Wire

11 Aug

I didn’t start watching The Wire until season 4 started.  I was up late at night with my newborn daughter as well as having a second shift at work.  Coming home at night I needed something to help me wind down. I started checking out the HBO On Demand listings.  What the hell, time to give that show The Wire a shot.

Chalk it up as one of my best entertainment related decisions of all time.  The Wire is socio-political masterpieces with plenty of allegory taking place and floating line of good and bad.  There is Omar, the Robin Hood type who robs from drug dealers, on occasion actually sharing with the poor.  Michael K Williams plays Omar Little, gay stick up man who abhors the use of foul language.

Out of all the characters from “The Street” I found Omar to be the most compelling.  When viewing the show from the Police side Major Howard “Bunny” Coleman was one of my favorites.  He decides to make a deal with the drug dealers- he will not enforce drug laws in special zones of Baltimore as long as violence doesn’t take place there.  It doesn’t end well of course, but it is forward thinking like this that is needed in society in regard to our drug problems.

The story telling doesn’t cast the cops as the automatic good guys in any given scene, which is a nice piece of reality. What I like is it also doesn’t hammer on them too hard. It is a job I am pretty sure I could have a hard time doing and I have unending respect for those who serve with honor and dignity.

Each season has a mixture of characters with central themes delved into- season one involved the drug trade of Baltimore, season two the Baltimore harbor and the politics involved in it, season three government in all its corrupt splendor, season four the school system and finally season five focused on the news media.

You would be well served to rent The Wire. Television doesn’t get much better in my eyes. There is only one show I enjoy more and it holds a tentative hold on the number one position.  Smart TV is usually an oxymoron, in the case of The Wire it is the truth.



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