A prime example of how news is reported

11 Aug

Late Thursday night Buffalo Rising either posted on their website or tweeted a picture of a Subway advertisement that was in the Buffalo Bills Game Day Magazine that is passed out at all home games. As of today 8/11/12 I am still seeing a lot of half reporting- MSN has a link set up to the photo.

What the hell am I talking about?  There is a promotion that has been around since at least last season that grants the bearer of the coupon a free 6′ Subway sandwich if the Bills score more than 20 points and a free cookie when they score less than 20 points.

The “reporting” going on only shows the half of the coupon that would suggest the promotion is encouraging poor performance by the Bills.  I have yet to see anyone retract or correct their story. Mike Schopp and Chris Parker quickly corrected their bit on the matter on WGR, but relished it more than you would hope any Buffalonian would.

“What’s the big deal? It’s just a joke about a sports team?”, yeah this time.  How many other times is only half a story reported and taken as the full story?  My guess would be often, as the internet has been  horrible in promoting honest reporting. The standards are even gone in print media at this point.  How many times do you watch a news cast and entertainment news is leading?

This Bills fan doesn’t care whether I receive a damn sub or cookie. If they win 3-2 every game they still win.  Stories like this make me feel like a 47 yard Norwood kick wide right.



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