02 Aug

I went to get an EMG test yesterday.  I have had bilateral pain in my legs for from knee to ankle for a few months now.  I started keeping an infrequent journal of what my daily issues were, what seemed to cause problems or when.  I got the bum’s rush at my primary physician this last visit. I did however at least get a script for an x-ray and the EMG.

I did some reading on EMG tests and also have a few friends who shared their thoughts on it. There was pain involved, but it is also a useful diagnostic test so I never allowed that to dissuade me.

It started out more uncomfortable than painful. Electrodes were attached to areas where my nerves are located.  Measurements were taken and electrical impulses were administered.  A few times it was quite a jolt, but ultimately not painful, at least immediately

The same could not be said for the second portion of the test where needles were stuck into muscles. The doctor administering the test was amazing. She found the nerves right away in the first portion and did her best not to hurt me with the needle insertion. She stuck the needle in and moved it around.  While it hurt bad as it was happening it was extremely raw after the test was done.  There were 8-10 sites she did this second part and as I type this I still have a pain in my right calf.

I have small nerves in my ankles. What exactly that means I am not sure.  It didn’t seem to be as large of concern for the Doctor as my back.  I don’t really have back pain that often. It certainly doesn’t register compared to my leg pain in depth and dependability. She did a needle reading there. I felt like Mola Ram’s princely minion was giving me the Dr. Jones business.  I am anxiously awaiting word from my primary doctor in regard to the results.

I am pretty sure my nerves work just fine though. They are singing to me now.



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