Padres baseball, focusing and fun with board games

19 Jul

I anticipated watching most of the Padres games during this free week of MLB TV brought to you via iJon.  That has worked about as well as many other prognostications and I have caught zero innings so far.  There is far too much going on to dedicate that sort of time to a sports team, save the coming Bills season.

Tonight though I plan to watch the game versus the Astros from the first pitch to the last… or at least as long as Edinson Volquez is on the mound.  He is one of the working pieces of Padre talent sell offs of the last few years and I have listened to a few of his starts this season.  I want to see what the guy has.  Hopefully the offense will produce too.

Trying to focus in a subject for a blog entry has been trying of late.  I have had plenty to gripe about and could probably continue on that streak but not only must it be boring to read but it is not very cathartic. There are enough no win situations in life without adding an unnecessary one via blog post.

I think many families have thrown the board game the way of the pager.  Not in my house.  Trouble, Sorry and a myriad of other lesser time tested games get a work out here.  It has been interesting teaching my daughter to lose gracefully. We have come a long way in the last week.  She doesn’t respond well to yelling (I am not sure most kids do, Boy will help form my opinion of that further) and I learned early on how she learned best.  She has finally made her way to not breaking down after a close loss. Baby steps.
I am working on a Windows movie of picture of my daughter to one of my favorite Brent Mydland songs and perhaps even one of my favorite Dead tunes… if the list is at least twenty deep.  I am not sure I will post the video here, but this is the song.  Beautiful. Rest in Peace Brent. For the non-free form jam people 1:05 starts the “actual” song.

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