Val Patterson’s lessons

17 Jul

I occasionally read a gaming forum that is hosted by a competition ladder that I had a team on back in my Medal of Honor playing days. I have tried at times to be a more active participant, though there is far too much negative attention paid to dissenting opinions, so I guess by definition I am a lurker on the site.

Why do I still go there?  Well they have some entertaining conversations.  It is amazing to see how dogmatic people can get about their political point of view. It often gets to the point where they speak against things they have stated they believe in.  Yes, that is scary.

They once had a link to a Craig’s List listing that was downright hilarious. A guy was selling bricks with more than a dash of animosity. “If you want the damn bricks, come and get ’em. No I will not measure them all for you”. Or something to that effect.  I have tried to find a link to it, but alas have come up short every time.

Today someone there posted a link to an obituary posted in The Salt Lake Tribune. What makes this obit stand out?  It was written by the deceased.

In his obituary Mr. Patterson confesses some of his “greatest” lies and deceptions, laments his choice to smoke cigarettes but more importantly than any of that shares what was important to him during his life- His love for his family and his love for life in general.

I found it touching and helpful.  Without getting heavy handed Mr. Patterson discretely is saying we should all live our lives more in the positive and now.  We all know that nothing is promised (well OK, many of us) but how often do we make the decision that best serves happiness. I do it often, but is that often enough?

Lately I would say no.  That is something that has to change.  I have had plenty of happiness for my family of late, but that is not where my line is drawn. I would venture to say that for me to be at my happiest I am better off having no line. Who needs a dose of Jon? Be right there.

Haters will always exist. I am sure there were people who despised Mother Theresa, as foolish as they would be.  Certainly if someone of that pedigree falls into the contempt zone why should anyone be any different?  These negative people derive their power from affecting others with their bitterness and loathing.  What a shame.

I plan on using the final words of a brave and by his own account fun guy to better myself.  This is no Road to Damascus moment, though I needed a jolt-  if you are going to wait for that St. Paul from Saul moment you might as well count on a lottery win as well.








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