10 (OK 9) days of Padre Baseball

16 Jul

The iJon will be getting extra late night usage over the next nine days.  MLB has a free trial of their package and I have been having many insomnia laden nights/mornings of late. Of course, they are pretty terrible still, but it is nice to have on as background to cleaning up, doing a little writing, heck even if I am watching something on the boob tube.

I have found myself using less applications on my iPhone but using the ones I enjoy more effectively. For instance this afternoon I was able to get my bitch fest off of my chest during lunch.  I saw it for what it was, absurdity and moved on with my day.  I have been using the WordPress application for simple tasks such as posting.  I need to work out some of the advanced features.

The MLB App is getting used.  IT has already been worth the money.  I have listened to about 10-15 Padre games and as I said above now I get to watch the mediocrity that is Padres baseball in 3.5″ screen glory.

Pandora doesn’t get too much use because I need to be in range of Wi-Fi.  I have a minimal data plan and streaming launches me to the limit in the course of half a day at best.

While hunkering down in my daughter’s room on these hot summer nights (drought here and abnormally hot so my wife and I have taken refuge in our daughter’s room as we put the air conditioning in the kids rooms) I have been watching some movies and shows on HBO Go. Again a limited use application for me as Wi-Fi is needed.

I have cleansed my phone of most other apps.  I need room for music and pod casts. I use my phone often, but mostly in ways I used an iPod before acquiring it.  My favorite feature remains the camera.  I have so many more photos (same percentage of good ones though, I stink at it) of my family and what we do it is worth it for that alone.

Here is hoping to a break in the insomnia!


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