Breaking Grey

15 Jul

So tonight was the much anticipated return of my favorite show on TV Breaking Bad. The first thing I noticed as I started watching (I set the DVR to tape 2 minutes ahead and 10 minutes after the running time. I like to skip commercials, what can I say?) was that they gave it a horrendous lead in- Aliens Vs. Predators.

At first I was puzzled by this.  Then I caught a glimpse of a commercial for the show that was following, Small Town Something or another as I tried to use the skip feature to its fullest.  It seems to be poorly synched on purpose.  I am guessing they didn’t want to burn out the viewer by having last season’s finale on prior to the premiere. Small Town Whatever looked horrible though. They sandwiched something from The Walking Dead in there (It was hard to tell as I was trying to fast forward) often, though not always a sign that they don’t believe in the product that is being featured.

After the first twenty minutes I found myself ill at ease.  There would be no more glimpses of Walter having any doubt in his actions or deeds.  He is here.  Walter is dead.  Heisenberg is now in charge.

I have enjoyed that the show’s arch has been about the change in a person over time.  Unlike many dramas (or comedies for that matter) the character’s hardly ever change unless it is unavoidable (pregnancy, a child actor growing, a death in the cast etc.).  This whole series is about how a man can change over the course of two years.  He went from mild mannered push over school teacher to meth maker, to killer and on his way to kingpin.

The acting is outstanding.  The writing is often wonderful and always extremely competent and telling. The use of language is as much a delight as the tone in which the actors deliver.  It is heavy though, especially now after having gotten to know the character Walter White, to see what was there that is now gone; the chances to affect a situations outcome and his action or inaction causing terrible consequences.

I am sure I will enjoy  appreciate the end of the journey, I have confidence in Vince Gilligan and his team that they will not Lost their audience. It does make me pine for a similar show, though with happier path involving similar messages- Breaking Grey.

Former chemist/drug kingpin Billy Black has paid for his crimes, beaten cancer through positive thoughts and actions and is now making the world a better place for his family and the community at large. He has developed open source medicines that will cure most major illnesses.  Tune in Sunday nights at 10 on AMC TV for Breaking Grey.

Yeah, well, we can hope, right?


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