Padres baseball- the search for volume over quality

08 Jul

It is the All Star break and it is time for Padre fans to take a look at what players are going to be bid out to contenders before the trade deadline hits on July 31st.  I hope they help out their fellow small fish Pittsburgh Pirates.  Huston Street, Carlos Quentin and Chase Headley are some of the larger prizes rumored to be dangled this year.

While I would love to retain all three my hope is they keep Headley and pray they can lure Quentin back when he becomes a free agent at the end of the season.  He is a home town guy and when he is in the line up everybody gets better. Most of the team was struggling to hit above .225 before he came back from a knee injury.

They have moved such players as 2012 All-Star Jack Peavy, Mike Adams  and Scott Linebrick in the last few years and while they have a few arms out of the deal it pales in comparison to what they traded away.  It is akin to a scenario from my childhood.  There was a drug store Fisk & Fenning around the corner from my house.  They sold toys and they sold mystery paper bags filled will crap (but lots of it!) from my experience.  You could go with the known toy or roll the dice.  The Padres roll the dice and it hurts the team long term.  They never have a base to mold the younger players to.

I will keep listening and reading the box scores, but there is an addition.  I wish I had my old Bisons Pirate style hat.  Let’s go Pirates!

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