Examples of why I am trying to remove the “news” from my life

08 Jul

Long ago network news and print media moved from matters of importance to the world at large, the United States, your state, you know right on down the line to a style that is more  The Insider and Entertainment Tonight infused  “news”.  I suspect ratings play as much a part as anything, which is a shameful commentary on what we hold dear in this country.

This was very apparent last week when it was “breaking news” at the top of MSN that Ann Curry was leaving the Today Show.  I like Ann Curry.  I picked up on her empathy that has been bandied about as a liability and possible reason for sagging ratings.  If having too much empathy is viewed as a negative we are further gone than I had ever imagined.  I know news people are supposed to have a professional air about them but see the previous paragraph and realize that was destroyed in other more painful ways.

Where was I? Oh yeah, it is not worthy of breaking news.  Just as top story on USA Today’s web feed entitled “Heart attack” sandwich can stay on N.Y. menu is not newsworthy.  It seems the owners of The Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas felt the 2,570 miles distance between the restaurants was not enough and they sought action in Federal Court to make The Second Avenue Deli in New York City cease and desist the usage of the name “instant heart attack”.  It is a sandwich that consists of sliced pastrami and friend potato latkes. It costs $24.95.

Federal court time was used on this matter. There is a disgusting amount of federal funds being used to fight over food that is not only bad for you, it mocks how bad it is for you.  The Heart Attack Grill has had at least two episodes in the last year where a patron has experienced chest pains.

This story rates in America right now, wedged between and article on a tragic shooting and a sexually charged e-mail scandal involving a school official and a member of the Army.

I once marveled that USAToday was a nice free news app for my phone.  Now I marvel that it took me so long to get rid of it.

On a positive iJon note my Padres have tied the game and I have listened to more games lately.  They are out of the basement in the NL West… as I type this they just went down 5-3 on a homerun to centerfield.  Two strike mistake by the pitcher Clayton Richard.  Ouch. Easy come, easy go in San Diego.

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