-Roy= potential Cup winner

02 Jul

While I am no longer a fan of my hometown Sabres they made a move today that brought a smile to my face for the first time since Pegula purchased the team.  Darcy finally rid the team of a negative influence that has bothered me for years (until recently), Derek Roy.

I don’t remember the game I saw him showing up a teammate, but it irked me.  It was Jason Pominville and he failed to convert on a pretty saucer pass from Derek.  You would have thought he had torn up a 100 million dollar lottery winner the way Roy reacted.

From there I noticed his Vaivesque gliding in the defensive zone was also part of his style. There was a continued and measured growth in his disdain for his teammates errors. He was butting heads with Lindy and he looked disinterested when coming off after a shift. He was at odds with Miller.  The writing was on the wall when he made comments about Lindy Ruff at the season ending press conference. I can only imagine going into a tough third period Roy acting like Hudson in Aliens.  **swearing in the clip

I didn’t always feel that way about Roy. In 2005-2006 he was solid in the playoffs appearing in 18 games and scoring 15 points (5g 10a).  He looked to be a potential leader. Maybe he can be. Perhaps Dallas will be a good fit.  There are plenty of assholes in sports who have done well in Big D.

The Sabres get gritty Steve Ott and not really known to me Adam Pardy. Ott has been suspended twice in his NHL career, once for hitting now teammate Jordan Leopold in the head and another time for gouging at Travis Moen’s eye.  Some much needed grit for the Sabres. My friend John was thinking the Jerry Korab like behavior is just what the team needs.

I know this- getting Roy off the team is the cliched addition by subtraction.

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