If you are in need of absurdity

02 Jul

Take a civil service exam. You will find yourself immersed into a system where irrational behavior is the law of the land and those who hold themselves accountable bear the weight of the issues created by others.

I still find myself thankful for my job, despite increasing ‘evidence’ I should feel otherwise. It is an amazing place to witness great feats of human ignorance. I no longer wonder if things will implode, rather when.

*post exhausted nap edit

After a fairly contentious meeting, where I felt the need to air the other side of an argument I was discussing the issue with a co-worker who is fairly union involved.  It was conveyed that my working so hard makes others “look bad”.  To get it off my chest here is the response I bit my tongue on as I had just had my daily dose of conflict.

“No, they make themselves look bad and statements and attitudes like this are what help foster anti-union attitudes”.   Doing the job you are paid to do all day every day makes those around you look bad?   I really wish I was making this shit up.

I made my trip home, listening to some Mike’s Song with a dash of Weekapaugh Groove.  I kept thinking about my wife and kids, took my smile from my pocket as I nod to John Popper and prepared for the best part of the day.


work mindset-



with a dash of –






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