Observations on my shitty sports teams

26 Jun

I speak of my beloved and beleaguered San Diego Padres and my on the cusp, but short of the goal Winnipeg Jets.

My Padres had a good two week stretch in one area- they had two shut outs.  Now both took place against the Seattle Mariners, not exactly the bastion of Major League Baseball’s elite, but hey, we are talking about my Padres. The Mariners are better on paper then them, but again most teams are.

Their lineup continues to progress with the Carlos Quentin back.  He has cooled off a bit after busting out of the gate but Chase Headley has benefited from the added (only?) protection in the mostly anemic lineup. Cameron Maybin has had a frustrating season to this point and Padre fans can only hope he will take the mid-season break to recenter himself.

The pitching staff is still a mess, however two shut outs they turned in were nice. I would trade that for more consistent 6 inning outing from the guys.  Too many times their starters are giving them less than 5 innings though, which is going to kill the bullpen. At this point I am just hoping that the Rockies beat them in the race to last place. Edinson Volquez has put up two solid outings out of his last three starts.  They need two more starters to get hot. Huston Street has been money when the team has been able to get him in a save situation.

My Winnipeg Jets are making some nice moves.  The have locked up goaltender Ondrej Pavelec with a new contract.  No wonder I chose the Jets to follow, they have a very Buffalo model of not releasing details on contracts. *Sarcasm implied* He was solid last year and having your starting goal tender in place is crucial before building the rest of your team up.

The team drafted an NHL legacy in the second round-  a member of the famed Sutter family, Lukas. Lukas is the son of Brent Sutter, one of six brothers who played in the league in the 70s and 80s-  Brian, Darryl, Duane, Rich and Ron were the other five.  He has the size 6’0 215 you like to have at the pivot and hopefully will have an impact on the parent club soon.

I don’t expect a very busy off season from my Jets, but that is OK because I grew up a Sabres fan before money bags Pegula skidded into town on an oil slick. My main hope is that the NHL and NHL Players Association get realignment done for 2013-2014 season, because as long as Winnipeg is in the East I don’t think they have a shot at the playoffs.

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