Aging male behind a desk in a small dying city

22 Jun

It was a shitty two weeks in cubicle 1A 95 Franklin St. In deference to my difference instead of going full Pink Floyd One of my Turns I opted for a more Jon approach- sayonara communication, hello introverted nature.


It’s not a large or difficult leap for me- but also not how I carry myself at work. I started this job off the unemployment line. It is the first job I can say I feel like I am making a useful impact on others lives, not just the usual lift the fellow peons spirits routine, but the actual job I get paid to do.

Besides spawning a run of mediocre to bad poetry these last few weeks have made me do an inventory of whether this environment is one that I feel I can thrive in. I don’t wish to just survive it, become chewed up and spat out like so many seem to have been. I am not fully sure of where I stand on that part yet, but I am working on a few side ideas and we shall see where they lead.

I know I would have turned the corner at some point, but a woman at work hastened my turn around. She asked me for help. I am a sucker for that.  Thank you Sherrie L. And so it goes.




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