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17 Jun

Happy Father’s Day Dads. I am not big on these sorts of holidays, because what are we celebrating, doing the right thing, being a good Dad?  That should be a prerequisite for the job.  My Dad made Father’s Day about the kids and I think it is a fine tradition to emulate.

I am considering a trip to the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, Girl would have a ball with it.  Two Father’s Day’s ago we met my twin brothers family at the museum and and neither of the girls knew they would be seeing each other.  There was quite an initial whack a mole stunned about the both of them at first, but it makes for a great moment in their friendship.

I am not sure if I want to make boy travel that far to be denied so much.  He is very inquisitive but too young to interact with much. We  couldn’t get too close to look at many toys in the National Toy Hall of Fame ( that are encased in glass and he has a wild style) but girl would have a blast. She is like the opening of the Mary Tyler Moore theme song to me. We will do something fun, even if it isn’t a trip to Rochester.

So any Fathers out there that have designs on the hammock for the day with some drinks, save that for dinner time.  I can see giving yourself a break at some point during the day, but you wouldn’t have the “right” to this day without those kids.  I see it more as a privilege, but I have already ceded my opinion may be a minority one, What a damn shame. *edit Grandfathers and Fathers of teenagers and older get some leeway, but for pete’s sake Dads of youngsters, get it together.

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