“Beware of the man who works hard to learn something,

17 Jun

learns it, and finds himself no wiser than before.” K.V.


There is a good amount of this quote going on in the world.  The stock market crisis of 2008 is still a festering wound on our economy yet despite this the stock market is doing well right now while most of America is staggering and hoping for signs of improvement. It wouldn’t surprise me to see another devastating adjustment down the road.

From my experience and anecdotes of friends and family our higher education system is plagued by a variation of this quote.  Cramming, which I recall doing poorly in high school, doesn’t lead to much knowledge gained.  It often means you have the information long enough to answer two out of five essays on the Mesozoic Era.

You would think we would have learned that innovation fueled our rise and we should invest in it.  Instead we slash spending for NASA.  My generation grew up during the Challenger disaster and saw the Columbia disaster happen 17 years later.  We didn’t get to witness the space race or the stunning achievements like landing on the moon. NASA’s importance seemed to wane in the eyes of politicians after the Wall fell.

The story of the secret Air Force space program, while not manned, gave me hope.  It is good to know that we still have some autonomy in space.  I am not sure why we moved away space exploration the way we did.  The scientific discoveries involving the space program are incredibly useful- scratch resistant lenses, memory foam, cordless tools and water filters are just a few.

Of course not all learning is a positive.  If you don’t learn to keep your hand out of the fire you may not have a hand for long. These are sometimes the hardest things to do. At some point you need to recognize what you can change, what you can’t and what will change you. Not all growth is pleasant, at least that is what I plan on telling boy when his teeth finally pop through his gums







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