Bad baseball with a silver lining and other musings

16 Jun

My Padres are horrible.  They are looking better of late, Carlos Quentin’s return has helped a number of players in the line up squeak over the .250 mark in batting average.  The pitching is awful.  I know they received 3 or 4 arms in return, but trading Mat Latos was a flawed move.   They need quality arms now, not guys who have a chance to develop.

They did sweep the Mariners this week, which was nice, but they are still mired in last place with little hope of crawling out with the current roster.

Phil Mickelson is said to be part of a group looking to purchase the Padres.  Good, as long as they are looking to spend some money.  The Padres have been sellers most years lately or really cautious buyers the rest of the time.  They need to spend money to compete in the division.

I listened to part of another game today on the MLB app.  The broadcasting team is good, I just think I need to get used to them. They certainly have put their time in-  Jerry Coleman is doing his 39th season in the radio booth and Ted Leitner is in his 31st.  I have been using the app to track games throughout the evening. They offer live look ins for games that have big moments happening.  It was $15.00 for the season I believe and it is shaping into a good buy. I listened to the 12-14th innings of the Nationals-Yankees game too.


I am starting to get excited for the Bills season.  They are closer to cracking pads and we are closer to finding out just how healthy Shawne Merriman and Kyle Williams really are.  I have greater concern with Williams’ health.  He is extremely important to our schemes success.

It should be interesting to see if Leodis McKelvin continues to show flashes of goodness.  He has been on a downward trajectory since his second season. It would be a great problem for the Bills if he continues to show good consistency, because last season we saw the bad side of it.

The Fitz has to show he is the man.  They didn’t go out and get him a big new toy, but they have some carry overs as well as a dark horse screaming off IR from the last  season- Marcus Easley. Scott Chandler is back, as well as Stevie.

I would love to see the Bills go conservative on offense, use their two talented backs, grind the clock and play tough defense.  That is extremely unlikely. OK, it isn’t going to happen, which is a shame. I think 65% of our offense should go through Freddie.  He has proven durability and he gets those extra yards without taking extra flush hits.  Watch him twist and turn on some footage, he moves to take parts of shots, not the full one.  He is simply amazing.

Pre-pre-season Bills prognostication- 10-6 Hosting a wildcard.



I was rooting for Marty to get another Cup, but LA winning was a great thing for the sport. They were an eighth seed that went after it and dominated for most of the playoffs.  I guess my nod to Jonathan Quick was not quite emphatic enough in my pre-playoff predictions.  So it goes.




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