Brown man

13 Jun

I have been a fan of the color brown for a long time. I started out my freshman year in high school wearing only brown and green for probably a month or so until it became apparent that it was unworkable- I simply didn’t have enough clothes of that combination to see it through.

I asked my wife how long brown corduroy  pants have been in my arsenal and she gave me a strange look and said as long as I have known you.  OK, fair enough.  I didn’t own a pair of jeans for almost 20 years until I saw a pair of brown ones and decided what the hell.  I still prefer cords.

It has been one of my twin brothers favorite jokes at Christmas to remark – “Hey look, Jon got another shit brown *insert clothing item here*. Shit is an easy choice when it comes to brown I suppose.  I have always thought of it the convergence of many colors, but I was mistaken with how many- it seems brown is mostly made up of red, yellow, orange and grey or black. Who knew? Not me.

What I like most about brown is that it is neutral. I fancy myself as a pretty objective person, neutral if you will. It is not that I don’t have my own stand that I believe in on any given subject, its just on most I give room for the other side of the coin.

My favorite jacket is a brown corduroy one my wife purchased for me 10, 12? years ago.  It is in some shoddy shape, but it is the most comfortable piece of clothing I own.  The right pocket is hanging on for dear life. There are holes in a few places and the liner is ripped up.  That all being said, I feel right in that jacket. “And his coat is torn and frayed/It’s seen much better days/just as long as the guitar plays/Let it steal your heart away”

I have a project to restore the jacket this summer.  It involves broken pairs of corduroy pants.  One pair is so worn in the butt that if you guessed the color of my underwear wrong you had to be color blind.  Another pair ripped in the crotch late one work day.  I stapled it up for the ride home.  Both have good spots that could become pockets and perhaps some contrasting brown patches!

I started out thinking I could explain why it is my favorite color.  I would imagine it is the same for most people, it just is, there is no reason.  I believe it matches up with my personality well. I am currently wearing a brown T-shirt with googly eyes that says – I appreciate the Muppets on a deeper level than you.  That is most likely true.

How I felt at 3:59 PM today-


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