A Page Day

11 Jun

When I started listening to Phish I didn’t gravitate to one singer over the other.  While Trey carries the water singing over time I found myself more of a Page person.  I am sure it flowed from one to the other for awhile, as I was once a staunch Bobby guy with Dead tunes, but over the last few years I have ended up more in the Jerry camp. * edit-  Brent Mydland would actually be my favorite vocalist at the moment- one of his finest at the end of the post. Studio outtake version in the hopes I don’t lose the non-jam band viewers…

There is a certain vibe to Page’s songs that differs from Trey leads.  It makes me smile even when the subject matter is slightly melancholy. A good example of this would be Army of One which beats out my second favorite song about solitary forces One Man Army by a few brigades.

Delivery, theme, passion, yeah it all works for me.  I especially love the backing vocals at the end of the song.  The guys know how to add depth, even in an acoustic format. Incidentally, this was the first set the band had ever performed all acoustic.

My absolute favorite of course is the name sake of this blog- Silent in the Morning.  When I woke up Sunday morning at 2 AM I had that SITM feeling.  It is a calmness and serenity that is akin to how my children make me feel, but different in it is all of me.  I wish I had that calmness more often.  I did what any good slacker is capable of and instead of channeling it creatively I watched my buddy Zack G. as Allen in The Hangover 2.  I will take a mulligan on last week and attempt to find that groove this coming weekend as well. 2 AM- 5 AM has been one of my favorite times of the day for close to two decades- for the last 7 years it has been the battleground of insomnia, but I am aiming for a weekend SITM revival.

Here is a decent version of SITM from Superball last 7/1.  I actually move a bit like that moron does at 3:14 when listening to the song. Trey sounds a bit brutal around that point on vocals, but I give them credit for not axing this song from the rotation due to some of the vocal issues. This video shows off the fantastic light show they put on pretty well too.

Well, might as well make this a three song post eh?  Strange Design.  For a few months in late 2009/early 2010 I must have listened to this song 50 times.  I was really into it, especially the version from Festival 8, which is what follows. The very beginning is chopped off of the video, though it doesn’t spoil the song… too much… yeah well I have the mp4’s on my iPhone so….



Blow Away-



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