To My Daughter

30 May

To this day when you want to express a superlative you say “100” sometimes:  – How much fun was that?  – *arms outstretched to the point of your shoulder blades touching* 100!  It is not like it was from four to five, but it still sneaks its way in.  Tonight while playing Sorry I looked at you and had one of those special moments where I take in how much you have grown.

You went back and forth on whether you wanted to get your ears pierced and in a rare moment you confided in me “That this weekend may be the one”.  It is a rare instance where I was allowed to sub for your Mother in the confidant role.  I will always cherish it and while I would welcome it with open arms, I recognize that hallowed ground as your thing.

You have a kindness about you that is innate.  It is to a level where our parental influence we could coax it, help you in growing it, but it is not teachable.  I pray that you hold onto it and use it to better others lives as well as your own.

I watch you with your brother and you are pure joy as an  older sister.  The almost six year gap may be helpful, but you transitioned to a helpful and loving sister from the day you met him in the hospital.  At the time you were holding onto your two front upper baby teeth like you were in the running for Cletus (Cletyana?) in a stage version of The Simpsons.

I wish that Thanksgiving when I had to remove them could remain my hardest moment as a parent, though I would guess that is impossible.  It  was heart wrenching though. Through tears and spitting up blood, despite the fact that I was the guy who twisted the teeth out, you wanted me to console you.  Bittersweet defined.

You are athletic and when you love something “again” is out of your mouth before the first attempt is over.  I bet I could spend a whole evening pushing you on the swing out back.  Maybe we should try that sometime soon.

Your artistic talent already surpasses where I made it to in totality- to be fair that wasn’t very far.  You have a true talent.  When you took your Mother’s pastel, removed the wrapper and used the long surface to texture the drawing I was in awe.  My wrappers only came off because I broke the crayon. We know you received your gift via your Mom (or recessive from me) and I will do my best to encourage you to continue to grow in it.

You are quite the little feminist. I admire that about you.  Every stuffed animal is a she.  You would think I have learned this by now, but I still stumble from time to time. They all have names and any of your bedtime accoutrements even have places. Currently I am not allowed to talk to them. You run over if it looks like I am, snatch them off the bed. It is a fun game and you often laugh that full laugh of yours.

You have a sharp sense of humor, at times too sharp for your own good. Sorry.  I will do my best to help you reign it in when necessary. You pick up on jokes fairly quickly and are getting really good at telling a few yourself.  You have come a long way from creating knock knock jokes that go nowhere.

You are the pickiest eater I have ever known.  It is a struggle to get a balanced diet in you.  You hate sauces(though we have made inroads with a table spoon of red sauce), don’t care for many vegetables, chicken is the only often repeated protein and noodles may be your second most used word after again.  You never turn down a good cheese stick (twisties rule!) and I believe you and carbohydrates have a magnetic connection. You are getting better though. Try as I might to be authoritative, I am always amused at you eating 1/2 of a new menu item only to turn to us and say “I don’t like it”.

You brighten my day every time I think about you.  When I see you my heart sings. You are a ray of hope and energy that makes my life fuller. Thank you for being my best little friend (female edition) and most importantly, being you.

Love always,


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One response to “To My Daughter

  1. Carly

    05/30/2012 at 10:56 PM

    This is beautiful Jon. It almost made me cry. You are such a lucky man to have the family that you have. You guys truly adore each other and it is visible for all who know you to see. I try not to be envious of my friends, but that special love, that I do envy. Be well my friend 🙂


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